Wednesday, September 2, 2009

News Round-up: Heigl, Rodriguez, Fulton, Zehetner, MAD, IB

Katherine Heigl takes GREY'S ANATOMY leave of absence
Michael Ausiello is reporting that GREY'S star Ketherine Heigle is taking a five-episode hiatus from the ABC drama to go shoot the Greg Berlanti-directed romantic comedy Life as We Know It. ABC and Grey’s producers have accommodated Heigl’s busy film schedule before, but this is the first time they have given her permission to leave the show for an extended period of time.

GREY'S ANATOMY adds two new docotrs
Nora Zehetner and Robert Baker are Seattle Grace's newest residents.

Why MAD MEN Can Be a Success for AMC With Less Than 2 Million Viewers
In a good explanatory piece, TV by the Numbers' Robert Seidman asks if renewing the critical favorite--but ratings challenged-- MAD MEN for a fourth season is worth it for AMC.

Linguist says MAD MEN isn't speaking properly for 1963
From Peggy Olsen to Jennifer Crane's use of words, linguistics professor John McWhorter takes issue with the way MAD MEN depicts language use in the '60s.

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Nick Rodriguez (Nick)
"I don't want to give away too much, and I don't really know what was going on in the writers' heads, but I definitely know that after those first four [episodes] were done, Frank said to me that they liked the way it was going and be prepared to stay around for a little bit. And I thought, 'Great!' although I didn't really know what that meant. I'd finished my four and I knew I'd had a really great time, and pretty much immediately I got called and they said they were going to write some more stuff so just hang loose."

TRUE BLOOD Finale Shocker
The latest episode of Ausiello TV contains a scoop about the Sept. 13 season finale straight from the show’s notoriously tight-lipped creator, Alan Ball.

INTERVIEW: ATWT's Eileen Fulton (Lisa)
On former co-star Farley's Granger's 1949 film, Roseanna McCoy: "When I saw him the first day at work, when he came in, I jumped on him and started singing the music that had been the theme song for Roseanna McCoy, and he looked at me and he said, 'That was undoubtedly the worst movie I ever did,'" laughs Fulton. "He said, 'Oh, please remember me for other things,' and of course I do."

Epix adds Roadside to lineup
Premium TV service Epix, a joint venture among Viacom, Lionsgate and MGM, has struck a second exclusive film output deal, this time with Roadside Attractions. Epix will carry as many as 22 films the indie firm has slated for theatrical release through 2011 across its linear channel, subscription-on-demand and

GOSSIP GIRL offers 5 sneak peeks
Watch Chace Crawford meet Joanna Garcia, his new frenemy and playmate.

IMAGINGARY BITCHES prep for the Daytime Emmys on ET CANADA

You'll notice We Love Soaps at the Creative Emmys as well as on set filming an upcoming episode.

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  1. Too bad Heigl can't take a permanent leave of absence.

    I wish that Isaiah Washington could return. Washington has done his penance and done every thing humanly possible to make up for his bigoted statement. Grey's needs his Burke. Washington and Sandra Oh were spectacular together. Nighttime TV doesn't have a single romantic, leading black man any more.