Tuesday, September 22, 2009

News Round-up: NZ, Leach, Cooper, Bobbleheads, White

EASTENDERS tops Inside Soap's list
EASTENDERS has received the most nominations for this year's Inside Soap Awards. The BBC soap has received 19 nominations, with CORONATION STREET receiving 17, HOLLYOAKS 10 and EMMERDALE five.

DAYS and Y&R being pulled in New Zealand
Like sands through the hourglass, time is running out for two of New Zealand's longest-running soaps. But plans by Television New Zealand to pull the plug on afternoon dramas DAYS OF OUR LIVES and THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are not going down well with fans. Both shows are scheduled for termination at the end of next month.

TVNZ spokeswoman Megan Richards said the shows had been on air for decades, but ratings had been dropping off.

"We can no longer justify the cost of buying it, when we have others available. Let's face it, 30 years is a tremendous run."

Are you ready for Mike Leach on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?
The Texas Tech football coach filmed a cameo over the weekend. It's not known whether Leach will be playing a character or himself in the short appearance, which according to the Austin American-Statesman was filmed in an Austin-area gas station.

MAD MEN gets bobbleheads
Check out the bobblehead versions of MAD MEN's Don Draper and Joan Holloway.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Jeanne Cooper (Katherine)
"I feel that John Conboy was important in changing daytime TV, Wes Kenney had a true love for actors, Charles Shaughnessy undestood the actors’ needs and Paul Rauch keeps showing a great sense of discipline."

GUIDING LIGHT's Last Fade-out: Only Love Can Save the Soap World
Marlena De Lacroix writes about the finale: "At least if it had to end, GL was still about love when it went down. Not misogyny, not hate. And truly, truly, I really do believe that if the soap world is to survive, only love can save it."

Williams: The LIGHT goes out
"Why did the show last so long? Because there is something in all of us that wants to escape from real life, even if only for 30 minutes (and later an hour) a day. Because the soap's characters did outrageous things and lived their lives with abandon and glee. And because there was enough of an element of fantasy that the ironing could wait, the phone could ring unanswered and the dinner plans could be temporarily put on hold while the lady of the house took a much-deserved break to watch her 'story.'"

Betty White to guest on 30 ROCK
Betty White will appear as herself on an upcoming episode of the Emmy Award-winning 30 ROCK, TVGuide.com has confirmed. The B&B and GOLDEN GIRLS star is shooting her spot this week.


  1. According to the article, Y&R in New Zealand is showing episode with Brittany and Bobby from 5 years ago. I don't understand why Sony didn't drop its licensing fee. Something is better than nothing. Is it that much cheaper to produce new soaps in NZ versus buying an older soap?

  2. I've never understood some of the licensing fees charged for the daytime soaps. Wouldn't it be a matter of airing it and making "some" money from New Zealand or making none at all?