Thursday, September 24, 2009

News Round-up: Mathison, OLTL Castings, Locklear

Cameron Mathison: From Leg Brace to DANCING WITH THE STARS
"He was a beautiful little, blond-headed little boy," recalled his mom. "He had the sweetest personality."

His father, Bill Mathison, said that his son was incredibly active until he began to experience pain in one of his legs at the age of four.

"It persisted," Bill Mathison said. "So we took him to a doctor and immediately when he saw him walking with a characteristic limp, he diagnosed him."

Mathison was diagnosed with a degenerative bone disease called Perthes disease, which cuts off the blood supply to the femoral bone in the ball-and-socket hip joint, causing it to weaken and degenerate.

More on Heather Locklears MELROSE return
Locklear will appear in at least seven episodes of MELROSE PLACE.

"Meaty" story for Katherine on DH
Michael Ausiello is reporting the following: "Marc Cherry is giving Dana Delany one helluva meaty storyline this season. I’ll have more on to say on that immediately following Sunday’s premiere."

EVENT: Y&R's Jerry Douglas to perform at Miramichi Lodge Auditorium
Jerry Douglas (John, Y&R) will perform at the Miramichi Lodge Auditorium for a very special afternoon on Oct. 18.

John Brotherton off ONE LIFE TO LIVE?
Rumors have been circulating for days and the "Soap Whisperer" is confirming that Brotherton will be leaving the role of Jared on OLTL.

ATWT's Danile Manche (ex-J.J.) joins OLTL
Daniel Manche and Kelley Massal have been cast as contemporaries of Matthew Buchanan, set to debut in mid-to-late October.

Wortham Krimmer will revisit OLTL this fall
An upcoming wedding in Llanview will bring Wortham Krimmer back as Rev. Andrew Carpenter. Look for him later this fall.

Dan Gauthier visiting OLTL as well
Emmy-nominated Dan Gauthier is set to return as Kevin Buchanan sometime this fall, having been last seen returning from London for Asa's funeral.


  1. Amanda for 7 eps! Yay!

    Loving the OLTL returns!

  2. I loved Cassie on OLTL back in the day her romance with Kevin kept me interested I hated when they recast Kevin and fired Laura while she was on maternity leave.

  3. Although I wish that Daniel Manche was returning to ATWT as JJ, I'm glad to see that he's joining OLTL. Hopefully he'll get some airtime and is treated better there than he was at his last home.