Saturday, September 19, 2009

News Round-up: GL, Bierdz, Bennett

GUIDING LIGHT: Happily Ever After
"Now we’re Guiding Lightless for the first time since 1936. The original story involved a minister who left a light in the window so people could see that he was home and ready to listen to their problems. While it is conceivable that you could sell an idea for a series like that today, the minister in question would probably have to be a vampire."

Light goes out on beloved soap opera
"It's something that was always there, a sure thing in an un-for-sure world," GUIDING LIGHT fan Joyce Soderberg, 53, wrote The News & Observer from Rockton, Ill. "No matter how good or bad one's own personal life is, there is always or was always the steady day in and day out, the chance to sit for one hour and watch the struggles and joy."

Dimming the Light: Devotees of longest-running soap opera mourning the loss of daytime favorite
At Waterbury's Abbott Terrace adult day center, the familiar GUIDING LIGHT theme music and opening credits rolled after staff members made an exception to a rule dictating as little television as possible. Eula Foster, 96, joked that she outlived the 72-year-old soap. Foster, of Waterbury, recalled first hearing the serial (backed by Procter & Gamble initially to sell its products) on NBC radio, where it started in 1937, then watching it after its 1952 television debut.

INTERVIEW: Former AMC actor Jonathan Bennett
Bennett tells DC's Jamey Giddens, "Romantic comedies are fun, but I like to give my audience some diversity."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Thom Bierdz (Phillip)
Thom Bierdz traveled to Minneapolis last week for The Human Rights Campaign award ceremonies. He attended a black tie gala of over 850 people to receive the Visibility Award, which honored him for being an openly gay actor who offers a positive image for not only himself but also for playing a gay character on television and his dedication and hard work in bringing awareness to mental illness in the U.S."I am so excited to be so respected by a group that cares so much for equality. This means more to me than any award I’ve ever gotten."

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