Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News Round-up: Gellar, Driscoll, Consuelos, Comcast

INTERVIEW: RYAN'S HOPE legend Helen Gallagher (Maeve)
Gallagher was a guest on "Robert Reid Live" on Wednesday afternoon.

No more Mark Consuelos on OPRAH
Former ALL MY CHILDREN actor Mark Consuelos has his Fridays back. Consuelos is no longer part of THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW's Friday roundtable panel discussions, which last season included comic Alexandra Wentworth and Oprah's BFF, Gayle King.

OPRAH is moving away from the Friday-panel format it introduced last season, when Consuelos, et al. discussed a variety of topical issues each week.

Comcast Takes on Hulu With Ad Blitz for Fancast
The company's TV portal, Fancast, is launching a 13-week media blitz called "See It For Yourself," including prime-time TV ads during the week CBS rolls out its fall schedule. The campaign is a full-frontal assault on Hulu, but targeted at a different viewer: harried moms who are aren't watching TV online in big numbers and might have been turned off by Hulu's campaign earlier this year.

Ellen Pompeo welcomes a girl
The GREY'S ANATOMY star gave birth to Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery on Sept. 15.

Sarah Michelle Prinze and Freddie Prinze Jr. have a girl
The couple "welcomed their daughter Charlotte Grace Prinze on Saturday, Sept. 19," says a rep for the actress. "The family is over the moon."

INTERVIEW: Y&R's John Driscoll (Chance)
"I told the publicists that if anything ever comes up where they need an actor to represent the show, I don't mind doing it. It's a great way to meet fans and to put myself out there, especially with being new to the show."

Diablo Cody takes on 'Sweet Valley'
Diablo Cody's heading back to high school, signing on to write and produce an adaptation of the "Sweet Valley High" book series for Universal. Mason Novick, Adam Siegel and Marc Platt are also producing.

Hallmark Channel Launches Unique Blog Experience Today
Hallmark Channel, the premiere destination for family television entertainment, announces the launch of (, an elite blog station that promises to set a new standard as a source for celebrity information by focusing on the positive aspects of the private lives of celebrities. The ideal and motive of the dynamic site, which premieres Wednesday, September 23, is to “clean up the red carpet,” while providing up-to-the-minute celebrity news of a positive nature.

The heartbeat of “Celebrity Good Life” is its contributing correspondent-bloggers. Covering stories from New York will be Delaina Dixon, a former entertainment editor for OK! magazine and a senior editor for Over the past decade, Dixon has interviewed countless celebrities (and starred in my radio soap).

Dixon’s counterpart in Los Angeles is Daisy Whitney, a writer, producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and expert in the new media business whose professionalism and genial style has made her an interview favorite for trade press and broadsheets alike.

New Technology Turns TV Screens into Speakers
One company making some big buzz at the DEMO 2009 conference is Emo Labs, which revealed their “invisible speakers” to the applause of the audience. The concept: instead of sound emerging from giant speakers, they come from thin, clear membranes that could completely redefine how you watch TV or use a computer.

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