Monday, September 7, 2009

News Round-up: Donovan, Steger, Barash, MELROSE

INTERVIEW: 90210's Trevor Donovan (Teddy)
"Teddy brings a very Southern Californian summer vibe -- the beach, sunshine, surfing, he brings a lot of that element. He's also a very genuine person. Any sort of comments or things that he does that may rub people the wrong way or offend anybody, it isn't intentional. Because he grew up in the entertainment world around a lot of adults, he's mature beyond his years. He doesn't fall into all the teen drama stuff."

INTERVIEW: 90210's Michael Steger (Navid)
"I felt like they publicized for five seasons. We did so much publicity I don't think there's any more that needs to be done. But it does feel less professional actually, I mean very professional, but with such a creative environment that we're placed in right now. Across the board, the writers, the DP, the costumes, the music, it's all connecting in a beautiful way, because everybody's on the same page and they want to make it good and they want to produce a really good show. I think that everybody's on board and it's a second season, so I think we've had time to figure out these characters and this season, with that, there's a lot more depth and a lot more freedom for creativity and people are going to be excited to see the new look of the show and new feel of the characters."

Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Achieves $60.5 Million
The Telethon Online Auction, held in conjunction with the broadcast, continues through Sept. 15 at Headed by GENERAL HOSPITAL star Brandon Barash, it features hundreds of unique items.

USA TODAY: Make sure you steer clear of this MELROSE PLACE makeover
"Alas, as even the real Place discovered, what Kimberly explodes cannot easily be recovered. The rebuilt pool-centered complex looks lovely, but nothing else in this pale imitation (* 1/2 out of four) keeps up, just as no one in the cast, new or old, can compete with Cross or the so-far-missing Heather Locklear. What you'll find instead is your typical CW collection of pretty, hard-bodied young things, most of whom can't act their way out of a Birkin bag."

ZAP2IT: MELROSE's Trashy Convictions
"The performances are uneven, the dialogue sometimes forced, and plot needs take precedence over honest character development. But it's not good in a way that could also turn out to be very watchable. Unlike its fellow '90s remake (and lead-in) 90210, which fumbled around for a whole season trying to figure out what it wanted to be, MELROSE PLACE has the courage of its trashy convictions. By embracing its roots -- and throwing a murder mystery into the mix -- the show has guilty-pleasure potential to spare."

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