Thursday, September 24, 2009

News Round-up: CW, Linder, Hennesy, Locicero, Williams

The network ordered a full 22-episode season of ONE TREE HILL, according to EW's Michael Ausiello. The show is currently airing its seventh season. The network has also ordered nine new scripts for new series THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, which had the most-watched series premiere in the network's history. The CW also requested six more scripts from the ratings-challenged MELROSE PLACE reboot.

Tonya Lee Williams wants to tell 'the stories that our parents and grandparents have told us'
At a media and trade networking reception, held for filmmakers on September 15, at Harlem Restaurant in Toronto, Jamaica Trade and Invest's (JTI) Investment Support Services Manager, Robert Kerr, said Jamaica was an excellent place to film, and highlighted some of the incentives which are offered through JTI's Creative Industries Unit. Also at the event, Y&R's Tonya Lee Williams, who is of Jamaican parentage, noted that Jamaicans were probably the best storytellers in the world and there were many stories and a lot of history in Jamaica which have not yet been documented or told.

"I think it's important for all of us, especially the ones who are outside the country, to start telling the stories that our parents and grandparents have told us, and the stories that we live, straddled between the two cultures of North America and also our Jamaican heritage, which have made an impression on who we are as individuals and artistes," she said.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Kate Linder (Esther)
Linder was a guest on "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Wednesday night.

GENERAL HOSPITAL and COUGAR TOWN actress Carolyn Hennesy roars into Athens
“She is by far the most decadent person on the show,” Hennesy says of her COUGAR TOWN character. "She’s just shameless. I just hope that viewers understand it’s a character I’m playing. In real life, I’m married and I have a lot of shame!"

“I have no idea what they’ll do,” Hennesy says of juggling CT with her GH role. “Possibly, they’ll drop Diane into the story for a day to tell off [Port Charles mob king pin] Sonny [Corinthos] or to get some one out of jail. I can be Drive-By Diane!”

INTERVIEW: GH's Lisa Locicero (Olivia)
Locicero was a guest on "Stardish Radio" on Wednesday night.

Joan Collins takes credit for shoulder pad fashion
"It has been said that the fabulous fashions worn by me and the rest of the actresses in ‘Dynasty’ and other shows made in the early 80s were what created the infatuation with the American footballer’s shoulder. Who am I to disagree? They were more flattering than an Italian waiter, and I loved them."

"The evening dresses of that era were superb. They all had amazing detail on the shoulders and sleeves; all were fitted to an hourglass figure that looked even more so because of the shoulder detail and the cinched waist. I adored this look and adopted it for all my clothes. Looking back, I realise that some of the outfits were quite over the top… but I have to admit it, they looked wonderful particularly the fanciable frocks."

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