Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News Round-up: Bell, Stroup, Mathews, Leighton

INTERVIEW: B&B's Bradley Bell (Executive Producer and Head Writer)
"It feels so good. I really wasn't expecting this because we've never won this award but to hear THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, it was a surreal moment. We had won the hair award but we hadn't won any of the other awards, usually you feel like you might get writing or directing but this one came completely out of the blue, so it was a shock and a wonderful, wonderful surprise. I want to acknowledge my father who passed away a few years ago. He loved the show so much; he was in the room in spirit, cheering for us."

Bubble bursts for TV soap operas after decades of devoted viewership
The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel profiles two soap fans and their reaction to the news GUIDING LIGHT is going off the air and the dwindling ratings of other shows.

Ross Mathews joins JAY LENO team
Ross (the Intern) Mathews will join THE JAY LENO SHOW, along with comedians Liz Feldman, Brian Unger, Nick Thune, Owen Benjamin, Marina Franklin and Sebastian Maniscalco.

Laura Leighton on playing MELROSE's Sydney again
"I had no expectation, going in, what this would be like. I only knew that playing Sydney the first time was such fun, there was no downside to coming back to play her again. Sydney's always been sort of doomed to be the centre of controversy, and she's very much in that position again."

INTERVIEW: 90210's Trevor Donovan (Teddy)
"The daytime is very fast paced; they have to shoot an episode a day. That is a lot of work, the efficiency has to be there, and you have to be right on spot. Sometimes they only take one take and print it. The primetime allows for more creative freedom, more takes, and allows you to try things out a little bit more. It is very enjoyable."

Jessica Stroup: Bipolar Role On 90210 Is A Challenge
She says she did as much research on the disorder as she could because "it's something that touches so many people but isn't really explored."

INTERVIEW: Former soap writer Juliet Law Packer
Packer was a guest on "Robert Reid Live" on Tuesday morning.

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