Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Modest Ratings for The CW's 90210 & MELROSE PLACE

Tuesday night's 90210 season premiere was watched by 2.6 million viewers, the show's highest ratings since last January.

MELROSE PLACE drew 2.3 million viewers in the 9pm hour, a number typical for the CW, but no doubt below expectations for a buzzed-about series premiere. (Last year's 90210 premiere, for example, drew 4.9 million viewers.)

In the 18-49 demo, both shows drew a 1.3 rating.

By comparison, the Daytime Emmy Awards on The CW on August 30 were watched by 2.7 millions viewers (0.9 in the 18-49 demo).


  1. hmm good news for the daytime Emmys I suppose but I think we all need to remember that the CW doesn't reach as many Neilson households as the other networks. Then again I didn't watch either show last night I actually forgot they were on. I think more of the younger set is waiting on the vampire diaries since twilight is such a big thing right now.

  2. Fascinating how the spin on the Emmy's is that no one watched, but 90210 is considered a modest success with less viewers. Double standard, much?

  3. Damon, should we go to Melrose Ave and ask people on the street if they watched? :)

  4. When they say no one watched the Emmys, I guess their comparing it to when it was aired on a major network. But for the CW, as a network, the Emmys were a success.

    As for 90210, I hate the new opening credits. Damon, you know how I am with my opening credits. LOL!

    As for Melrose Place, paging Heather Locklear!! She saved the original. She may very well have to come back to save Melrose Place 2.0.

    My vote is yes that you guys go to Melrose Ave. But you have to take Mikey with you. The 3 Musketeers have to stick together.

  5. Roger, why aren't you influencing ratings interpretations at the network level? What a clever, clever spin!