Thursday, September 24, 2009

Michael Sabatino on DAYS and VENICE

There is a Michael Sabatino story in Michael Logan's TV Guide Soaps column in the Sept. 28-Oct. 4 issue in which he talks about his return to DAYS OF OUR LIVES and his role on VENICE.

"Lawrence was a rapist, he poisoned people, he killed people! Why would Carly go off and marry him?" Sabatino asks. "Now DAYS is going to explain why that hpapened and clear it all up. They've given us some dark, twisted, very interesting stuff to play." Chappell has signed a long-term deal with DAYS but Sabatino, whose character will be seen in a series of noir-style flashbacks, says his run is brief. He's also joining the Chappell-produced Web series VENICE, which starts production in October. He'll play Alan, an international hotel owner connected to Chappell's character, Gina, a lesbian designer.

"Alan is fun, charming and ├╝bermetro, with a very unusual fetish - though Crystal has yet to tell me what that fetish is," Sabatino says. "My mind is whirling. In fact, this is scaring me to death. I could be wearing high heels for all I know. Crystal's having a great time tormenting me."

The issue is on newsstands now.

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  1. Thanks Roger. Crystal asked us all on Twitter what fetish Alan should have. I suggested that he might like to wear adult diapers from time to time....seeing that would be funny! Guess we'll have to wait and looking forward to Venice.