Thursday, September 24, 2009

TV Guide Canada's "Soap Power 2009" Rankings

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has released his third annual Soap Power 2009 list and the woman at the top should be no surprise - a longtime fan favorite who has dominated the soap (and some mainstream) media this year.

We Love Soaps was included in the list (thank you!).

21. and / Bloggers Extraordinaire
2008 Ranking: — 21 (DC)
Power Plays: The industry and fans pay attention to everything they write. Their respective podcasts are more entertaining than the shows they cover.’s Roger Newcomb has two radio serials and a film under his belt. Jamey Giddens was an Emmy red-carpet expert, and WLS's Damon Jacobs and Newcomb filmed a cameo on IMAGINARY BITCHES.
Outlook: When all is said and aired, they will be the last men standing.


  1. The only one that really stood out was Thom Bierdz. I might have misunderstood the list completely but how is TB a power player in the industry?

  2. Marley,

    I have to second your opinion. I think that was just a tip of the hat.

    Also, as much as I love this WLS, I would think that would have more power because of its longevity and web traffic.

  3. I'm still trying to understand CC at number 1. Yes, she has a great idea for a web series which I think might warrant being on the list, but at number 1? There isn't any sort of product yet--but yet she's doing all this press like there is a produced show, not just an idea. It seems as if she's trying to make Venice a viral hit before there's something to make a hit.

    As comical as the list is, I would have thought Gary Tomlin's turning around of DAYS puts him at number 1.

  4. Marley, we probably would all rank people differently. I could see Bierdz this year just because he's been in so many places. He was honored by the HRC over the weekend. His return was one of the best kept secrets on soaps in years. Of course many complained about his acting upon his return.

    SoapFan, I'm not sure longevity and web traffic would necessarily make a site influential or read by the industry enough to influence it. It's all subjective though of course. There isn't really a right or wrong answer as we all would have our own rankings. I am honored to even be mentioned.

    Defeat Prop 8, in soap circles, I don't think anyone has gotten more press this year than Crystal Chappell. She also inspired a huge fanbase to campaign to save a soap like I've never seen before. She was the first actor snapped up by another soap (and seemed to be the most in demand in the industry), and now has created more buzz for a new soap than we have seen this decade. So I think that's why she was #1. I actually would have put her #1 as well.

  5. but her press has been for basically an idea she had, and nothing more. She's really created all this buzz--over an idea. It seems like a modern day soap Music Man to me, and I'll be curious to see it all play out.

    I'm also curious to see if this "huge" fan base is going to follow her over to DAYS, as so far, I've not really seen the buzz about that role. Makes me think he fan support might be more wrapped up in her playing lesbian characters than in her.

  6. If you look at this site throughout 2009, I have linked to more articles about Chappell than anyone - and that's because more have been written about her than anyone. I know a lot of DAYS fans who are thrilled to have her back and they never even watch GL or Otalia. Carly was really popular at the time (I can't believe how old I'm getting, I was in college then). I guess it's all a matter of how you rank power and influence or whatever.

    In regards to VENICE, I think she's doing everything just right. Creative buzz is key these days. And she's brilliant for capitalizing on the Otalia fan base by playing another lesbian character on the show, in addition to her role on DAYS. She has given her show a huge chance at succeeding when most web series unfortunately don't last or get much buzz.

    She could potentially be nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress for two different soaps next year AND get a nomination in the new "New Approaches" category as well.

    I do agree with you though that Gary Tomlin has done a great job. DAYS got rid of several big names and yet the show went up in the ratings (and I actually enjoyed it more). I think that accomplishment is mostly due to Tomlin.

  7. Yea, you wish on a list like that soneone within the genre like Tomin would get the props.

    But can CC sustain the buzz considering there is not a product and not a specific date for a product? Web series are becoming a bigger trendy thing to do--we already have Martha B announced hers with an actual date to start filming and everything. I understand building buzz but I don't believe she can sustain it till she actually has something to show for it.

  8. This is the criteria TV Guide Canada listed in the article: Power sources include, influence, autonomy, buzz, publicity, ratings impact, talent, vision, and groundbreaking achievements.

    If you think about buzz and publicity, Chappell has mastered it and is above everyone else this year. And her talent has never been questioned. And her playing in a same sex storyline and the impact of that will have a big impact on daytime (OLTL started their own storyline after Otalia mania started). With 99% of the articles about soaps negative and about how the genre is dying, to have someone like Chappell on CNN offering hope the future is just an amazing accomplishment in my opinion.

    Another thought on Thom Bierdz, he was one of the first openly gay actors on daytime and did more press than any of the gay actors on soaps and his influence may be in opening doors for other actors in the future.

  9. I'd also put CC at number 1. She's been on a marketing blitz not just for Venice but for Otalia, then GL itself, then Days. I myself am more excited for Venice than Gotham due to all the buzz and casting info. Not that I'm not excited for Gotham I'm going to watch that show also I just with Martha would go on a marketing blitz like CC.

  10. Defeat Prop 8, the latest on Venice is a late Oct shoot with a late Nov launch date. 2 more cast announcements next week. the 1st season's already written with 5-7 min for each episode 12 a season and they have a very ambitious plan of 5 seasons a year. i think you can evaluate idea to a real plan.

  11. I might switch some around but I like the list overall.

  12. I would have put Kitty Kitty at least at #20.