Crystal Chappell Previews VENICE

In a new interview with TV Guide Magazine, Crystal Chappell offers a preview of her new web series, VENICE.

At the top of the first episode, Gina and Ani have just spent the night together. They’ve reconnected after not seeing each other for a year, so you will see a kiss, but you soon realize that Gina has incredible intimacy issues, and you’re left to wonder what’s going to happen to them during the series. Will they get back together? Can they get back together? Will other people come into their lives? Like I said, it’s a good ol’ soap!

Chappell also talks about old DAYS OF OUR LIVES footage, the Otalia fans and the common soap mistake of focusing on younger characters.

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  1. If all the soaps were as good at generating soaps as this one actress is the genre wouldn't be in decline.