Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crystal Chappell on GOOD DAY LA This Morning

Crystal Chappell appeared on GOOD DAY LA this morning and talked about the end of GUIDING LIGHT, returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES, as well as promoted her new web series, VENICE.



  1. Good interview, I liked that they showed clips of the show, including the longer tribute.

  2. Interesting to see her do so much press before there is even a product--kind of wish it didn't always seem like she believed she's the first actor to get involved in producing a web series.

    But all the press I've seen makes it seem like Venice is suppose to start really soon--have they even filmed anything?

  3. All this promotional press for Venice is going to pay dividends for Days of Our Lives. I bet they are rubbing their hands together.

  4. She may not be the first to do a web series but with her incredible talent and intelligence, her product will most definitely be awesome. It will be successful and she will keep producing more interesting stuff in the future. Can't wait for Venice and DOOL!