Thursday, September 17, 2009


The We Love Soaps photo tribute to GUIDING LIGHT continues with a look at some characters featured prominently in the 1980s. This is in no way meant to be a complete retrospective but a look at a few of the images that made the decade such a good one for the show. In the photo above, the early '80s were filled with tales from the younger set which included Kristen Vigard (Morgan), Kevin Bacon (Tim), John Wesley Shipp (Kelly), Marsha Clark (Hillary), Tom Nielsen (Floyd), Lisa Brown (Nola) and Denise Pence (Katie).

Pictured above are Charita Bauer (Bert), Marsha Clark (Hillary), John Wesley Shipp (Kelly) and Don Stewart (Mike).

Kyle Sampson, played by Larkin Malloy who was coming off huge success on THE EDGE OF NIGHT, romanced Reva (Kim Zimmer) but his mother, Miss Sally, brought Maeve (Leslie Denniston) to town to break them up. Denniston is the real life wife of ATWT's Don Hastings.

Kelly (John Wesley Shipp) and Morgan were a popular couple early in the decade. Morgan was played by Kristen Vigard (pictured right) and later Jennifer Cooke.

No longtime GUIDING LIGHT fan will ever forget the romance of Quint (Michael Tylo) and Nola (Lisa Brown) or they wonderful wedding.

The Barbados location shoot was a memorable even in the 1980s which included Jay Hammer (Fletcher), Susan Pratt (Claire), Harley Kozak (Annabelle), Michael Woods (Jim), Keith Charles (Brandon) and Janet League (Sharina).

The Four Musketeers have been covered greatly at We Love Soaps, but here are some rare shots of three of the musketeers Michael O'Leary (Rick), Krista Tesrea (Mindy) and Judi Evans (Beth).

Thanks to Rob Wargo for the photos.

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  1. WLS,

    Great pictures!

    Do you have any pictures of Gilly, Hamp, Kat, or the other African American actors from the early 1990s?