Sunday, September 13, 2009


The We Love Soaps photo tribute to GUIDING LIGHT continues with a look at some the highlights from the 1970s. In the photo above, Mart Hulswit's Ed and Lenore Kasdorf's Rita made one of the most memorable pairings in the show's history (and my personal favorite of all of Ed's relationships).

In the photo above is Theo Goetz (Papa) and Elissa Leeds (Hope). Leeds played Hope Bauer on ANOTHER WORLD when Hope and Mike crossed over for a while (which was unusual because AW aired on NBC). Leeds went on to play the original Brooke English on ALL MY CHILDREN among other roles.

As noted in a previous post about Roger Thorpe, Michael Zaslow's Roger and Maureen Garrett's Holly were one of the most dynamic and fasinating pairings ever on daytime.

In the late 1970s, Jackie and Elizabeth were at the center of much of the story including romances with Justin, Mike and Alan. Pictured are Tom O'Rourke (Justin), Lezlie Dalton (Elizabeth), Cindy Pickett (Jackie) and Don Stewart (Mike).


  1. Wow! These photos bring back such fond memories. Thank you for sharing them Roger. I LOVED Lenore Kasdorf's Rita and Lezlie Dalton's Elizabeth. And I always thought Mart Hulswit was perfect as Ed Bauer; perhaps because Hulswit was Ed when I started watching the show.

    September 18th will be a very sad day. I am not looking forward to it.

  2. The lovely Rita! She and Diane Ballard number among my favorite GL women. Thank you so much for posting these classic photos and the interviews with current cast members. This is going to be a sad week.

  3. I've heard so many fans comment on how much they loved Lenore as Rita. I wonder if the show realized what an impact she made on so many of us.

  4. I too loved watching Lenore Kasdorf as Rita. She made Mart Hulswit more sexually appealing as Ed, almost as sexually appealing as Robert Gentry's version of Ed, but Hulswit's presence was not sexually threatening as Gentry's presence was.