Monday, September 14, 2009


The We Love Soaps classic photo tribute to GUIDING LIGHT continues with a look at the original Alan Spaulding, played by the late Christopher Bernau who died in 1989. Bernau debuted on GUIDING LIGHT in 1977 and instantly became the center of many stories, the impact of which is still be played out today (with Ron Raines in the role). When Bernau became too ill to work in the late 1980s, Daniel Pilon subbed until he could return. After Bernau's death, Pilon continued in the role. In the photo above, Bernau is pictured with Elvera Roussel who played Hope Bauer Spaulding.

Pictured above are Bernau and Roussel.

Pictured are Bernau and Lenore Kasdorf (Rita).


  1. His death was a trajedy. People with HIV can now live, it seems, for decades because of the new drugs.

    From watching the clips on YouTube of Bernau's portrayal of Alan Spaulding, I thought Bernau did a spectacular job of making Alan Spaulding a complex villain, an not just a mustache twirling evildoer.

    It's a shame that GL couldn't have found a way to bring Elvera Rousel back to the show.

  2. I LOVED Chris Bernau as Alan Spaulding. Alan was truly a complex, multi-dimensional, fully realized human being as portrayed by Chris. Alan had his villainous moments, but Chris always allowed you to see and feel Alan’s humanity. His scenes/stories with Elvera Roussel's Hope, Lenore Kasdorf's Rita, Sofia Landon's Diane Ballard and, OF COURSE, Beverlee McKinsey's Alexandra always crackled with chemistry.

    I also enjoyed Chris’ chemistry with Kim Zimmer's Reva. I still vividly remember the Alan/Reva scenes at the country club party when they were to announce their engagement, but because Alan thought Reva had worked with Phillip to oust him from Spaulding Enterprises, Alan broke off the engagement and left town - and Reva. Those were very powerful scenes proving that Guiding Light had the BEST ensemble of actors during the 80s.

    Roger, you are REALLY going to tug at the heartstrings this week aren't you? :-)