Monday, August 31, 2009

News Round-up: GL, VENICE, Morgan/Williams, Lytton

Future of daytime TV a hot topic at Emmys
Susan Lucci said fans shouldn’t take the cancellation of GUIDING LIGHT as a sign the entire daytime-drama genre is in trouble.

“I think it’s like nighttime TV. Just because one show gets cancelled doesn’t mean nighttime TV is out the window. But ABC is showing a huge vote of confidence by moving (the New York-based) ALL MY CHILDREN to L.A., they wanted to expand not contract. So I think our situation is a very, very positive one.”

That is, for some of the ALL MY CHILDREN cast. Debbi Morgan, who has been with the show on and off since 1982, may not make the cross-country trip with her colleagues. Morgan was married just last June, and the couple is still discussing the possibility of pulling up stakes.

“We are going back to the kitchen table because I love, love, love my husband,” Morgan said. “I love waking up with him every morning, and going to sleep with him every night. And I love my job.”

EDITOR'S NOTE: Darnell Williams confirmed to We Love Soaps that he is indeed making the move to LA.

An institution ends when GUIDING LIGHT turns off
You don't have to be a fan of the show, or of the soap opera genre it pioneered, to feel a sense of gravity at the demise of GUIDING LIGHT.

"It's been reflecting American life back at America since before World War II," said GUIDING LIGHT executive producer Ellen Wheeler.

"We are the history of so many people," added veteran leading lady Tina Sloan. "They watched it for so long."

INTERVIEW: VENICE Co-Creator Kim Turrisi
"The character of Gina and the concept of VENICE has been around for a long time. Crystal, who is a very savvy business woman said to me, “We should do a web series,” and we built it around that. Venice is a slice of life from the beach. We both love the beach. Venice is Bohemian, it’s diverse – it’s a slice of life. The key for us for this series is the portrayal of the characters, and writing them as strong, as decisive, as real. For the first season – I will be the only writer. And we wanted to do a web series because we wanted to have and maintain creative control and to show a realistic portrayal. This project is really a labor of love."

Drop earrings win big at Daytime Emmys
While fashion designers showing their Fall 2009 apparel collections on runways this year tended to focus their jewelry wardrobing on the necks and wrists, stars on the red carpet at the 36th annual Daytime Emmy Awards showed ears the love, favoring drop and hoop styles as the accessories of the night.

Lytton talks about upset at leaving EASTENDERS
Louisa Lytton was devastated when she left EASTENDERS: "I went straight into it at the age of 16. I did two years. It was very surreal. You are at school one day and then within a week I was on the set filming. It was all new to me and I loved it. I was so lucky, just the fact that I was working. "From the age of 11, all I ever wanted to do was to work, and so to be appearing on a massive TV series was just amazing. It was upsetting at the time. Leaving 'EastEnders' was not my choice."

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  1. Susan Lucci, I love you and your character Erica Kane, but daytime soaps is in big trouble and there isn't going to be another daytime soap to air after GL or ATWT or another cancel soap anymore. SAD. But Susan Lucci is great and I love her enthusiasm, but I think that the fans know that this is it and that we are seeing the end of a long and great drama.