Monday, August 17, 2009

News Round-up: Cotton, Marcovicci, Morrow, Christopher

'CORRIE should have more gay characters' says Antony Cotton
CORRIE star Antony Cotton wants to encourage show bosses to have more gay characters. The 29-year-old actor plays Underworld machinist Sean Tully on the Manchester soap. Antony has said that Weatherfield would seem more realistic if the producers created more homosexual roles.

He told Holy Soap: "The story goes that one people in ten is gay. We've got 70 people in Coronation Street so there should be seven gay characters at least. Especially as Weatherfield is gayest place on the planet as far as female characters are concerned. It's the campest show on TV at times."

GH's Tyler Christopher at charity golf tourney
Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who has a 50 golfing handicap, said while practicing his drive, “I played the Covered Bridge course yesterday and shot 90 (par is 72). I hope to do a little better today.”

PHOTOS: Joshua Morrow's Summer Vacation
Morrow recently spent some vacation time away from the set with his beautiful wife Tobe and two eldest sons Cooper and Crew at Casa Dorada in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

When cabaret singer and actress Andrea Marcovicci takes the stage at the Colonial Theatre Monday evening, she may well dedicate her show, "I'll Be Seeing You: The Love Songs of World War II," to Walter Cronkite. As she recalled during a phone interview, the revered CBS News journalist attended one of her shows at the venerable Oak Room of New York City's Algonquin Hotel some 20 years ago -- she still performs an extended engagement there every autumn.

WWE added to talkshow circuit
Celebrities and their handlers may have found an unusual alternative to the traditional talkshow circuit when promoting projects: a wrestling ring. For the past two months, World Wrestling Entertainment has essentially handed over its "Monday Night Raw" show on USA Network to guest hosts, who arrange matches and interact with the WWE's wrestlers while touting their new movies, TV shows, books and other fare.

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