Monday, August 10, 2009

More NYC Shows Moving to Connecticut

More and more shows are fleeing New York City and filming in Connecticut. The Associated Press took a look at some talk shows making the move in an article published today.

Some daytime drama is coming to Connecticut, as THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW and other shows take advantage of the state's film tax credits.

Springer and THE STEVE WILKOS SHOW will begin taping episdoes this week in Stamford, which will also be home to Maury Povich's MAURY show starting Aug. 17.

NBC Universal says it's taking advantage of the film tax credits for its three shows. Connecticut has shelled out more than $110 million in tax credits under the program.

The Springer and Wilkos shows have moved from Chicago, while Povich has relocated from New York. The Springer show starts taping in Stamford on Monday and the Wilkos show begins production Wednesday.

NBC's DEAL OR NO DEAL game show began filming in Waterford last month.

ALL MY CHILDREN moving to Connecticut might have made much more sense if it allowed more of the cast and crew to maintain their jobs and not have to uproot their families with just a few months notice. I wonder if that option was even considered.


  1. If part of the reason for the move is to shed the veterans' salaries, then moving to CT wouldn't accomplish that goal.

  2. I didn't even know the Springer show was still on!