Thursday, August 27, 2009


The producers of web soaps know how to keep fans engaged. VENICE has announced that show merchandise will go on sale next week.

GREAT NEWS!!! On Sept 3rd preorder Official Venice tshirts, mugs, and other fun stuff only on

Meanwhile, EMPIRE has rolled out a line paper dolls for some of the lead characters.


  1. I've been following Empire. There are several things wrong with it (mainly because of budget constraints), but I absolutely love it that whoever is putting it together really gets soap opera structure. I thinkthey deserve a lot of credit for just getting out there and doing it on a shoestring.

  2. Snapper, I always wonder what many of these indie shows could be if they had a budget. Daytime TV soaps have shrinking budgets but they are like big budget films compared to most of these shows. What I love about many of these projects is that you can feel the love for the genre from the producers and I don't feel a lot of it with the TV soaps these days.

  3. Well Venice might be able to stay in business just by the amount of money their gonna make from all the Otalia/CC fans who are right now planning on purchasing everything they can...currently runs to check how much I have left on my credit card...