Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SPOTLIGHT: Crystal Chappell's Impact On DAYS

I admit that Crystal Chappell is one of the many women that I want to marry. Chappell is a spectacular actress and if we have to lose Olivia and GUIDING LIGHT, I am so happy to have her return to the role on DAYS OF OUR LIVES that made her famous. Dr. Carly Manning rocked. I am giddy thinking about the potential impact Chappell and Carly will have on DAYS.

I was a big Bo and Carly fan, and Carly made me forget about the love that Bo and Hope shared. But, I don't want to see Carly return to Salem intent on winning Bo back. I want to see a darker and even more complex Carly return to town. The way I see it, Carly would return to Salem because it's the only home she has ever known. She was a member of the community and, for the first time in her life, she felt "normal." However, in my ideal story, she would return to town without Laurence Alamain, the dangerous man she left Salem with years ago. This would leave fans wondering what exactly has happened to Laurence.

Meanwhile, Hope would be blindsided when Carly arrives in town as she has never heard of her. Hope had always thought that the one woman that replaced her in Bo's heart was Billie Reed. Exactly who is this Dr. Carly Manning? In short order, she would find out that Carly and Bo were engaged, Carly was Jennifer's best friend, she was married to Victor and that she was loved by everyone in Salem. Bo and Carly would make it clear to Hope that what they had was in the past and they have no intention on revisiting it. It's been 16 years! In fact, Bo still resents Carly for leaving him. However, Hope's insecurities get the best of her. She can't get over the fact that Carly essentially replaced her and certainly can't feel superior to her. Carly wasn't a drug addicted porn star like Billie! Ultimately, Hope would begin to self destruct and looks into Carly's past. She needs to believe that Carly isn't as perfect as she seems. Because if Carly is as is wonderful as everyone believes, then who is Hope? And when she learns that Bo called Carly "Princess," watch out!

Clearly Carly is hiding something. Laurence is nowhere to be found. Did Carly murder Laurence? What was life like being involved with the Alamain crime family? The possibilities are endless. DAYS, please don't waste the talent of Crystal Chappell.

In the meantime, take a look back at some of Bo and Carly's romance. Dr. Carly Manning and Crystal Chappell certainly aren't easy to forget. And if somehow Jessica Leccia makes her way to Salem...


  1. While I hate to see Olivia go, I am eagerly anticipating Carly 2.0. I can't imagine 16 years and living with Lawrence won't have changed the Carly we know and loved. Bring it on. And Jessica Leccia too.

  2. I am excited about Carly's return to Salem. I have been a fan of Crystal's since she was on Days before and I can't wait to see what she brings to Carly 2.0 after a 16 year absence.

  3. Michael, I agree with you that this is a big opportunity for DAYS and I hope they take full advantage of it with a complex story worth of CC's talents. I like your idea for the story too.

  4. I am being pulled in about a dozen different directions at the moment.

    Crystal is on totally on top of her game as far as her craft is concerned so I am most definitely looking forward to what she does with the Carly Manning of today. She is the only reason why I will soon be viewing Days...just about the only soap I have not as of yet watched at one time or another.

    But I also don't want Olivia to go anywhere. I have grown attached to Olivia...she is such a well-developed female character with such texture and dimension. Who in their right mind wants that to end?

    In all honestly, I simply don't want Guiding Light to end. I am so missing Natalia...I am surprising myself by just how badly I am riding this out and how quickly I want Jessica Leccia back...which I guess is also a testiment to her work.

    And speaking of Jessica...after reading about the recent development on Days to reunite yet another former Passions cast member with 2 of her scene and screen mates already on Days...most likely due to their chemistry and with a focus on the ratings...wouldn't it definitely make a whole lot of sense if Ms. Leccia were to follow Ms. Chappell to Days...? You know, for the chemistry and the ratings?

    Oh and cannot wait for Crystal's online series Venice...and here's to her soon being a mogul of her own online network empire.

    And lastly...speaking of marriage...I wish they would legalize polygamy again...just so I could go to Peapak and marry the cast of Guiding Light!

  5. soap, I totally agree. I really am mourning the loss of Guiding Light and Olivia. Crystal Chappell was always awesome, but she came into her own as Olivia. I am having hard time dealing with the mixed emotions of missing Olivia and being thrilled with Carly's return. As for polygamy, I think I'm all for it. I mean, how else am I going to marry Crystal, Suzanne Rogers, Jessica Leccia, MArtha Byrne, Tricia Cast, and Kitty? :)

  6. I can't wait to see Crystal back on DOOL that is a dream come true! As many of you I'm looking forward for Carly 2.0. You are so right about how is Bo is going to break the news to Hope. This will be lots of trouble for Bo...she is not Billie!!! How is Bo going to tell his Fancy Face that his Princess is back in Salem!

  7. Mikey - I wish you were writing for DAYS! Your ideas truly draw upon character conflicts vs. plot-based articifical drama. I hope they decide to play out these psychological beats as you outlined, but unless Harding Lemay or Claire Labine (or you) are writing for it, I am skeptical.

  8. Michael, what do you mean that Crystal is one of the 'many' women that you want to marry....surely you mean, the 'only' woman?! :-) (clearly that's just me then :-))

    Although, I've never watched Days (seen some scenes on Youtube), I don't want Crystal being brought back to Days as some kind of spoiler for a couple. She has spent long enough playing that part and she deserves the best material and storyline possible. Crystal is an amazingly talented actress and I'm glad that we will be able to continue watching her on screen (although I'm going to need therapy to help me with losing Otalia and GL!). And I totally agree with you about Days not wasting such a talent as Crystal Chappell. And as for Jessica finding her way to Salem....well I certainly wouldn't say no to that either. A lot can certainly happen in 16 years...Lawrence dead and she could come back to Salem with her new love in tow....Jessica (a girl can

  9. Renville, after much thought, I am willing to narrow down my list of those I want to marry. Clearly, Crystal is #1. Please don't tell Suzanne Rogers and Tricia Cast. It would break their heart :)

  10. Loved the article. My thoughts exactly about CC's return to Days. If they use your ideas they will have returning Days fan. I left Days when CC did and will also mourn the loss of Oliva & GL. Thanks again for your words.

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  12. I'm a big Otalia and Crystal/Jessica fan. I've only been watching GL since Oct/Nov 08 but will miss it muchly. We can only hope that GL will do right by the fans who have supported it so much and give us some level of happy ending.

    At this point I've moved onto the acceptance stage of the loss and am looking out towards what's next. Crystal's many plans in the works are very exciting and she knows how to keep a person interested. In a good way as she knows how to treat her fans.

    As for watching Days I had given up watching soaps until Otalia came along on GL. I will check out Days because it's Crystal & she makes something good out of everything she does. I do expect that she will bring some elements of what she brought to Olivia that I could recognize.

  13. I too am a huge Otalia fan. I have been a fan of Crystals since her Carly Manning Days and followed her to GL. The Otalia story line has showcased her talent as an outstanding, A#1 actress.
    I would love to see Jessica Leccia come to Days as Rafe and Arianna's older sister and duel with Carly 2.0. She and Crystal have amazing chemistry even if its just as BFF's. Carly is going to need a BFF when Viv comes back to haunt her.