Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RYAN'S HOPE Co-Creator Paul Avila Mayer Has Passed

Paul Avila Mayer died on July 10 from a brain tumor. He co-created the magnificent RYAN'S HOPE with Claire Labine in 1975 and served as co-head writer and executive producer of the series for several years.

Prior to creating RYAN'S HOPE, he was the co-head writer on WHERE THE HEART IS as well as LOVE OF LIFE, both with Labine. He also served as head writer on SEARCH FOR TOMORROW in the mid-1980s.

Mayer was nominated for ten Daytime Emmy Awards during his career and won eight times (including two - as a producer and writer - in both 1977 and 1979).

Services will be held on July 30.


  1. Sad. RH was innovative in so many ways - the setting, the ethnic compenent, having a pub as a central meetignplace, instead of a hospital lobby! And it still stands up in reruns. There's stillonly one Ilene Kristen.

  2. Such sad news. There are fewer and fewer of his caliber.