News Round-up: Newman, Meriwether, Collins, Joyner

INTERVIEW: GL's Robert Newman (Josh)
"We will tape the final episode of Guiding Light, which will be somewhere close to the 15,800th in total, on August 14th. The final air date will be Sept. 18th. I've worked with some amazing actors in that time who have also proven to be amazing people. Some have died. Some have moved on to other things and some have stayed. Both on and off camera. I've had some fun experiences and great weird things throughout the years, but ultimately it's the people that I will miss. A second family, really.

"I have no idea what's in store for me. I'm excited about the unknown. I'm at peace with it. I just feel that this is part of my bigger journey and I'm on it for the ride. If I were to try to plan something, I think it would be a year or two on stage here in NY and then go from there. I'm looking forward to whatever is in store for me."

Nothing slows Lee Meriwether down
When Lee Meriwether takes the stage in Reagle Players' production of "Mame," it won't be the first time she has played Mame Dennis. She played her twice in the mid-to-late 1970s, some 20 years after she first stepped into the national spotlight by winning the Miss America Pageant in 1955, which led to an extremely active television and film career. At 74, she's still very beautiful and a workhorse.

"Being on a fixed income, I had to cut down on my spending or get some work," Meriwether said. "I love to work. I do enjoy it. I love going new places, playing different people, meeting different people."

D.C. Douglas returns to B&B
Later this month, Douglas will return to THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL for a three episode arc as a minister.

Lauren Collins previews the DEGRASSI movie
In the TV movie, Degrassi Goes Hollywood, the Degrassi gang heads to L.A. to score parts in Mewesical High, a fictional musical directed by Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) under the mentorship of Degrassi geek Kevin Smith (Clerks). Her character Paige Michalchuk is purportedly a stylist.

"Paige left high school as head cheerleader," Collins explains. "After that, it was downhill. She tells everyone back home she is a stylist in Hollywood but she is really an assistant to a reality star named Hailey Montel. It is the harsh reality of L.A. It is a satirical look at L.A. but it is still DEGRASSI, so there are a lot of touching moments.

"The movie ends with Paige in a pretty dark place – I hope she can get out of that funk. Relationships that have bloomed for nine years are threatened. I can't believe I've been on the show for nine years," says Collins. "We're not technically on the show; the show is focusing on the younger generation but we tie up some storylines."

EASTENDERS star Jo Joyner is expecting twins
EASTENDERSJo Joyner, who plays Tanya Branning, is reportedly expecting twins.

The Daily Mirror reports that 31-year-old Jo and her husband, actor Neil Madden, were 'absolutely delighted' at becoming parents for the first time.

Nielsen admits errors on C3 NFL ratings
With the billion-dollar marketplace for the upcoming NFL season about to break, Nielsen last week notified its clients of more trouble with C3 ratings for regionalized football telecasts. The advisory says it found five game broadcasts, plus an undisclosed amount of pre- and post-game shows, from last season that were not accurately rated.

Lionsgate Lands Promotion Partners for 'Mad Men' DVDs, New Season
Lionsgate has teamed up with Banana Republic and Clorox, among other brands, in order to promote the company’s highly acclaimed AMC series MAD MEN, which launches its second season on DVD Tuesday and debuts season three next month, the New York Times reports.

Cady McClain's 4th of July
"I can truly say, finally, yes, I love my job, but also... 'I love my life!'"

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