News Round-up: LoCicero, HUNG, Nola, Lamas

GH's Olivia gets caught in compromising position by her son
"Very compromising," says Lisa LoCicero, who plays Olivia, in an interview with the New York Daily News. "They're in Olivia's apartment, where the door never seems to shut entirely. People are constantly walking in. [The stage direction] said, 'Olivia is on her knees in front of a shirtless, sexy Johnny, dot dot dot.' The door opens, and there is her son."

Olivia has been hiding the fact that Dante is her son to protect him, because - unbeknownst to everyone - crime lord Sonny Corinthos is Dante's father.

"Dante has a message for John," says LoCicero. "Olivia has to cover that she doesn't know Dante when Johnny introduces them. It's a pretty awful moment for Olivia. Johnny is protective and, of course, manly about the whole thing because that's how men are on soap operas. He's, like, 'Show some respect!' Both Olivia and Dante want the floor to swallow them up. Getting interrupted is one thing, but you'd be pretty mortified in front of your kid."

Road to the Emmys: DAYS Make-up Team
Gail Hopkins: "I have been so lucky and honored to work with some of the most talented makeup artists and hair stylists during my 25 years (15 years as department head) at DAYS OF OUR LIVES. I feel this is my greatest achievement, to be able to say I learned from the best."

The series will return next summer. The vampire-tinged TRUE BLOOD is averaging more than 10 million cumulative viewers, while HUNG, which follows a about a down-on-his-luck man who decides to use his best attributes and becomes a gigolo, is averaging more than 10 million cumulative viewers.

Jennifer Kathleen Gibbons writes: "With GUIDING LIGHT now officially ending in September, it means many former GL cast members are coming back. The one that makes me a very, very happy camper is Lisa Brown, who portrayed Nola Reardon-Chamberlain, one of the most three-dimensional, funniest characters in daytime."

Major Cable Operators Have More Than Doubled the Number of Subscribers Who Take Their Triple Play of Video, Internet and Phone
The nation's three biggest cable operators, Comcast, Time Warner and Cox, more than doubled the number of subscribers who take what is commonly known as the Triple Play: Video, Phone and Internet services from 2007 to 2008, B&C reports. In 2007 10.1% of their subs subscribed to the Triple Play. Last year that number rose to 23%. The value of the Triple Play bundle is $38 billion annually.

E! Spotlights Lamas Reality Show
Describing his relationship with the New York-based A.J., a regular on AS THE WORLD TURNS four years ago, as “strained,” Lorenzo Lamas agreed with the premise: “The fact is, I’ve seen A.J. more in two weeks than I have in three years,” he noted.

Cybill Shepherd had to grow up with her daughter, Y&R's Clementine Ford, was born
"When she was born I had to suddenly grow up a lot. I think we parents find that. And the fact that the center of the universe, when you have a child, shifts from yourself to your child. That in itself is really a step toward love and understanding. We’re all trying to learn how to love in a better, more open way."

Film journalist Armando del Moral dies
Del Moral also helped establish the Golden Globe Awards; acted as Hollywood representative for the Mexican actors union; wrote, produced and directed a radio soap opera; and helped studios with their Spanish-language publicity campaigns. In 1954, he began writing, producing and directing a successful Spanish-language soap opera, MARIA ELENA, which was syndicated throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

EASTENDERS and GRANGE HILL legend Todd Carty making film in Hinckley
Soap legend Todd Carty and a crew of professional movie makers have descended on Hinckley to make a feature film. Carty is making his directorial debut in the film, dubbed The Perfect Burger.

NEIGHBOURS star Scott Major nearly joined EASTENDERS
"I was very close to getting a role in EASTENDERS when I was over [in England]," he said. "I think an Australian stripper and her brother came into the show, and [SJ] went out with one of the main guys. I just missed out on EASTENDERS."

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