Friday, July 24, 2009

News Round-up: GL Replacement, Palicki, Deacon

GL replacement still not set
New versions of PYRAMID and LET'S MAKE A DEAL have been rumored to be taking over GUIDING LIGHT's timeslot on CBS in September. According to game show aficionado Steve Beverly, who runs a newsletter called The Game Show Fix, CBS has pushed the date back to August 3rd, citing the desire to see more pilots before committing the slots. This could certainly spell bad news for one or both of the shows, even though PYRAMID is already casting.

The Dying of the Light
The plots of soap operas are not only melodramatic; unlike any other kind of serial, they are written with no end in sight. This engages the viewer in an experience in which the pace startlingly mimics that of reality and plot itself is incidental. Like life, once a soap starts you’re along for the ride, never knowing how or when it will end. Telenovelas and soap operas may have different futures, but they share a common past. They are descendants of the popular serial fiction of 19th- and early-20th century American and European periodicals.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Tyra's return in doubt
Plans for Adrianne Palicki to return to FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS this fall to give Tyra some closure have hit a snag. "I'm actually going to be shooting [Red Dawn] during the fourth season, so I don't know if I'm going back," she told Michael Ausiello during a break from promoting her upcoming Biblical thriller Legion. "I know they want me to [come back]." The actress confessed that the thought of leaving FNL for good makes her "very sad.. I had such a great time on that show. They're like my family."

Ten More Marlena Summer Questions
Marlena De Lacroix asks ten more summer soap questions including: "Isn’t it interesting that Brian Frons' current photo on his Facebook page is that of a big dog sitting in the driver’s seat of a car?"

Deep Soap: Sharpe Dressed Man
Sara Bibel writes: "Deacon Sharpe is a welcome addition to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. I was a big fan of the gloriously sleazy character when he was on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, but wasn’t sure he would work on another show. Not only did he instantly make the convoluted stolen art storyline interesting, he has made the character of Amber work for me for the first time since she came to Genoa City."

INTERVIEW: OLTL's Scott Clifton (Schuyler)
Clifton was a guest on "BuzzWorthy Radio" on Friday morning.

Mischa Barton ‘improving’
"Mischa is still seeking treatment but making improvements," her publicist Craig Schneider said in a statement. While unconfirmed reports say Barton has been sectioned and placed under psychiatric care at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, Schneider stopped short of discussing what treatment she is receiving but did add that she is hoping to start work on her new TV show, THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE, an Ashton Kutcher produced serial in which the actress is reported to be cast as a pill-popping supermodel, later this month.

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