Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Latest in Soap Tweets: LeBlanc & Cooper in Jersey!

Here are some of the latest interesting tweets from around the soap world. Y&R's Christian LeBlanc and Jeanne Cooper are in New Jersey. Does that mean Cooper is getting her wish and will be appearing on GUIDING LIGHT before the show ends? That's just my speculation but would it be very exciting.

@CJLeBlanc (Christian LeBlanc) Jeannie waiting like a dog with me in New Jersey for our ride! And so it begins.... Jeannie frightened badly by our friend Allan Sugarman's terrifying driving in rainsoaked New Jersey! Jeannie Cooper pointing to the only people older than she is!

@Chrishell7 (Chrishell Stause) Just read a new script that won't air for about a month-a little worried. Calling all Jamanda fans-show them your support!!Can't say more :(

@DanielGoddard (Daniel Goddard) @ work about to start the day... CK & I have some great scenes @michaelmuhney I knew u were into bikinis but I thought u had grown out of swim diapers...

@michaelmuhney (Michael Muhney) @DanielGoddard I do look good in two-piece bikinis and the swim diapers are ONLY if I am too lazy to get out of the water & find a bathroom.

@breewilliamson (Bree Williamson) Thanks for all the good luck wishes for the Emmys! It's only a month away! I'm picking out dresses!

@KnowJR (J.R. Martinez) Making calls, watchN the sun come out, doing interviews, sending emails, watchN Ice Road Truckers, & coordinating events for moms NYC visit!

@TaylorSpreitler (Taylor Spreitler) Just ate some bomb cocoa puffs the breakfast of champions :p now going to look at Daytime Emmy dresses

@CliftonsNotes (Scott Clifton) On another location shoot in NJ... We have luxury porta-potties with flowers in them. I shit you not. Moving up in the world, baby.

@edenriegel (Eden Riegel) I adore girls. They are so cute and optimistic about how long it takes them to get ready. And I'm always the one waiting. #bitchwednesday

@vrayskull (Vanessa Ray) At an audition with Elizabeth Shu... She is so famous, and still has to run her lines a million times before going in. I hope she books it!!

@greg_vaughan (Greg Vaughan) How about my Yanks being 10-1 since allstar game!!

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