Thursday, July 30, 2009


In a new special, airing on New York's public broadcasting station WLIW, EASTENDERS' Dot Branning (June Brown) reflects on the experiences that shaped her life and confesses a terrible secret. EASTENDERS: DOT'S STORY premieres on Friday, July 31 at 10 pm.

You can also donate to the station now for tickets to an exclusive screening of EASTENDERS: PERFECTLY FRANK on Thursday, November 19th at 6pm at the Helen Mills Theater. Here's a synopsis:

Never been seen in the U.S., this mini-movie exists outside of the regular storylines and depicts parts of the character that were never known before. Soap spin-off featuring the long-suffering character Frank Butcher who, since leaving the Square, has made a new life for himself by the sea, content with his second-hand car lot and his tin-pot club. He is insistent on teaching his employees his way of life: but a series of events including a World War Two cannon, ping-pong balls and a body can only lead to trouble. Starring Mike Reid and Tony Osoba. Frank has come back from Spain and is rebuilding his life in Somerset. He starts out by selling motors, but branches out by buying a seedy club - Frank's Empire Club. When Reg Priest the local Mr Big, sends him a car to valet, his assistant finds a body in the boot. Frank and the staff at the club don't want to fall foul of Reg but then again they don't want the police asking questions either. Following Frank Butcher as he set up a seedy nightclub and a car valeting service in Somerset after returning from Spain where he was last seen in 2002. When Frank is sent a car to valet by the local gangster named Reg Priest, his assistant finds a dead body in the boot. Frank and his club staff try to find a way to avoid the police asking questions and fall foul of Reg so they throw the body into the water over the side of the pier. The episode was written by Tony Jordan.

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