Friday, July 31, 2009

CLASSIC CLIP: Victoria Rowell in Action on Y&R!

I don't know when or if we will ever see Victoria Rowell and her character of Drucilla Winters back on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. A lot has been said about what went on behind the scenes, but I care more about what a spectacular actress Victoria Rowell is and what she brought to the screen as Dru. If she can't come back to Y&R, I would be thrilled to see her on ALL MY CHILDREN in scenes with Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan. Can you imagine those three together? I would wish better writing for her, but you couldn't deny the chemistry those three would share. Or what if she turned up on DAYS OF OUR LIVES (what budget!?) as Lexie's cousin. Let her bring some life to Shawn Christian and watch them sizzle. With Crystal Chappell and Louise Sorel on their way back, DAYS OF OUR LIVES would be on fire! In the meantime, watch some classic scenes of Victoria in action as the one and only Drucilla Winters!


  1. I'd love to see Ms. Rowell back on Y&R but I'd be afraid of how poorly the writing around her return would be given the bungling of Phillip's return.

    Thom Bierdz may be a little rusty BUT it's the absolutely poor story and dialogue that damage things.

    I'm also fascinated by other soaps haven't sought Rowell out. Why not have Rowell be Edwards long lost granddaughter from his affair with Anna Mae?

    Has Rowell auditioned for any primetime pilots? Why no guest spots on any ensemble shows?

  2. I just sent someone the Lambada Brad clip, it is hysterical, with the classic Y&R "waw waw" music ending.