Wednesday, June 10, 2009

DAYS' Sweeney Reacts to Death of Baby Grace

DAYS OF OUR LIVES star Alison Sweeney recently blogged about the death of Sami's baby Grace on DAYS at

This storyline has brought us so many mixed feelings. We were all so excited to take on the challenge of a story so difficult and painful, and definitely intimidated at the same time. I was so moved reading the scripts. I thought the whole thing was put together so beautifully. Every scene bled into the next, and though it took several days to get through it, it still seemed to move so fast to me.

I loved getting the opportunity to do such emotional scenes with Galen. He is always so fun to work with - but these scenes were different. No one was cracking jokes, we were all so serious all day. One day our director choked up - when he was explaining the scene where Grace's heart monitor starts skips and flatlines. usually, no matter how dramatic or emotional the scenes, we can goof around in the early morning rehearsals and often people try to ease the tension of tough scenes by being light between scenes. Not these. everyone seemed affected by what we were shooting.

Several people on the message boards commented on the scene with Roman. I was struck by that right away. My dad has always been someone I can turn to for any situation, he is such a great dad - always there to try and help me make things better. I'm so lucky to have him. So, in a moment of such utter grief, I totally related to Sami just wanting so desperately for her daddy to be able to make this better. And just falling apart in his arms. it seemed so real for me.

Also, I am definitely an optimist. I always think things are going to work out. Everything is going to be okay. So, those scenes in the chapel, where Sami was saying to Rafe that she felt better - that everything was going to be okay... it made me really see the other side of that. what if it's NOT okay? As Sami said, all the crazy stunts she's pulled just to make sure she gets what she wants... it all seems so trivial int he face of her daughter's health, and knowing there is absolutely nothing she can do to help her.

I can't begin to describe how uniquely affected we all were by this whole storyline. Galen said he was standing off stage during one of the scenes, and he saw our co-ep, Gary Tomlin hand a big crew guy, Brian a tissue. He was literally crying in the darkness backstage.

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