Wednesday, June 10, 2009

News Round-up: MAD MEN, Mary Jane, Late TV

MAD MEN returns August 16
The third season of MAD MEN will premiere August 16 on AMC, the network says. The first episode of the new season will feature limited commercial interruptions. In an effort to drive publicity for the Emmy Award-winning drama about advertising executives in the 1960s, AMC will run a MAD MEN marathon Sunday, August 9, featuring all the episodes from season two.

Study: Glowing TV Screens Keeping Americans Up at Night
In a new study, researchers looked at data about the sleep habits and bedtime rituals of 21,475 participants aged 15 or older who completed the American Time Use Survey between 2003 and 2006. In the two hours around bedtime, TV viewing was the most common activity, accounting for almost 50 percent of the activities undertaken in the time before bed, according to the study to be presented Monday at the Associated Professional Sleep Societies annual meeting, in Seattle.

The finding means that TV -- rather than hours past sunset or biological signs -- has become the most important signal for sleep.

Nielsen: 2.8 Million DTV Homes Still Unready
In its last update before the majority of TV stations pull the plug on analog June 12--joining the rest who already have--Nielsen says there are approximately 2.8 million homes still unready for the transition. By that, it means that according to their in-home survey of Nielsen's metered households, those are over-the-air-only households without a digital TV, cable or satellite service or a converter box.

Y&R's Mary Jane revealed
Tammy Barr has been cast in the role of "Young Patty" on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS. According to an email from the actress, "The Young and the Restless has been bringing back previous characters and storylines and with the airing of episode 9180 on July 2nd fans will see that Mary Jane is really Patty Williams (Paul's sister and Jack's ex-wife).... Tammy will be in flashback scenes playing a young Patty in Mary Jane's dream sequence."

Jon & Kate on the cover of US WEEKLY for the 7th straight week
I've read this in several places today so obviously I'm not the only person who keeps track of such things.

Bid now: True Colors Fund's Summer Online Auction
Cyndi Lauper has launched the True Colors Fund's Summer Online Auction, which runs until Thursday, June 25. Items up for bid include lunch with GL's Kim Zimmer and a Van Hansis/Jake Silbermann autographed poster of Lauper from her guest appearance last summer.

Joost Adds New Content Partners
Joost (, the global web video service, today announced that 12 new content partners have joined Joost and will bring their programming to Joost's extensive library.

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  1. I've long thought that it would be great to bring back the character of Patty Williams on Y&R, but, oh, wouldn't it have been great if they'd hired Andrea Evans to reprise the part!