Saturday, June 13, 2009

Industry Screening for Martin's Raven in NoHo

An industry screening was held last night in North Hollywood for the latest film from Manhattanites director Gregori J. Martin at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre.

Former soap actors Brody Hutlzer and Alicia Leigh Willis are among the stars in the film and attended the event.

Raven features a number of soap actors including Tristan Rogers, Tyler Christopher, Gerald Hopkins, Monti Sharp (who also has a voice over in Manhattanites) and Alicia Leigh Willis.

Other soap stars on hand at the screening included Kate Linder, Matt Borlenghi, Jordi Vilasuso and Diego Serrano.

Watch the Raven trailer here.

If you want to see Martin at the event, you can check him out in a new video on where he assists David Hasselhoff's former wife into a car.

For more photos, visit the We Love Soaps Facebook page.

If you haven't ordered the Manhattanites DVD, you can do so at We are about to go live on and first month sales have been good. We actually shipped out a big batch or orders earlier today. Also, look for news of a west coast DVD premiere party in the near future.

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