Tuesday, June 9, 2009

News Round-up: MELROSE, SOAPnet, Letterman

This Shue doesn't fit on MELROSE PLACE
“They wouldn’t have my character [cutie-pie Billy Campbell] back on the show,” Andrew Shue confided told the New York Daily News at the Do Something Good awards. “My character was born out of the ’90s. It’s a different era now.

“I thought for a while, ‘Yeah, it’s great.’ But now I think any great show that had its run and had its place in pop culture should only have one run. MELROSE PLACE was a great show in its time, and if I were calling the shots, I would say don’t bring it back. Leave it as it was at its time. That’s the way it should be.”

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz 'So Excited' About MELROSE PLACE
"I play the girl that's straight-off-the-bus. It's fun," Simpson-Wentz told MTV News about her character, the seemingly naive Violet Foster. "It's exciting because we don't get to see the next episode. We don't get to read the scripts until we're actually about to shoot it, and everyone is dying to know what's going to happen to their characters, so it's fun. It'll be exciting to play that arc. ... It's got good drama."

EASTENDERS star Emma Barton promotes breast cancer clinics
EASTENDERS actress Emma Barton (ex-Honey) knows only too well the harrowing effect of breast cancer after seeing two close friends killed by the devastating disease. With that first-hand knowledge, Barton was keen to help boost breast health services in Birmingham and warn women of the risks while staying in the city to star in hit show Chicago. She launched new clinics by BreastHealth UK at the Spire Little Aston Hospital and Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.

Canadian TV creators woo U.S. networks at Banff fest
Tom Zappala of ABC Cable Networks Group says he'll meet with a variety of Canadian content producers in search of a creative match for ABC Family and SOAPnet, noting he's had "tremendous" experiences working with such Toronto-based companies as Insight Productions and Cuppa Coffee Animation. He says interest in Canuck content has increased among U.S. networks.

INTERVIEW: DAYS' Barry Cutler (ex-Parrot Man)
"I very much enjoyed working on DAYS. Most of the people, cast and crew, were very hard-working and supportive. A number of us involved in the storyline of the small town in which my character lived [Aremid] were very disappointed when the storyline was brought to an early conclusion. There had been talk of spinning off [the Aremid characters] into another soap opera. DAYS had jumped up in the ratings, in large part due to our storyline, and the network had thoughts of a spinoff. Unfortunately [that did not happen]."

CBS Making Letterman Take a Pay Cut?
It's not just Melody Thomas Scott. Six months after CBS opened up talks with David Letterman about extending his contract, the network appears to be closing in on a new-- and possibly smaller deal with its LATE SHOW host.

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