Saturday, June 13, 2009

News Round-up: Julianne Moore, Thorsten Kaye, DTV

Julianne Moore calls ATWT her most 'enduring' work
When she started acting, Julianne Moore didn't expect longevity. A move to New York City in 1983 yielded roles as good and evil cousins on AS THE WORLD TURNS. "It's my most enduring work," she quips. "A woman once came up and asked if I was a soap actress. I said yes. And quite concerned, she then said: 'So – are you acting any more?'"

Thorsten Kaye attends Game 7 of Stanley Cup Finals but his Red Wings lose to the Pens
ALL MY CHILDREN star Thorsten Kaye also was on hand, rooting for the guys in red and white. Asked if he had ever been to the Joe, the diehard Wings fan was taken aback in mock horror.

"I've been here a hundred times. Of course. Jeez. Never for a Game 7 [though]," said the German-born, England-raised Kaye, who attended Wayne State in Detroit.

Turkish Soap Operas Take Bulgaria by Storm
A private Bulgarian broadcaster airing a Turkish soap opera has seen its ratings soar to new heights, a success that has led it to start showing another Turkish program as well. The Nova Televizia channel broke the record for viewer numbers when it started broadcasting the Turkish soap opera BINBIR GECE. The channel then decided to broadcast another Turkish show, DUDAKTAN KALBE.

Executives at Nova Televizia believe the success of the Turkish programs in Bulgaria is due to similarities in the social culture and lifestyle of the two countries.

NAB: DTV Call Volume Low to Moderate
The National Association of Broadcasters said late Friday that its survey of about half of the 525 stations that had switched off analog by 6 p.m. continued to report low to moderate call volume.

HOLLYOAKS tackles binge drinking
HOLLYOAKS is set to tackle the issue of binge drinking in its new online spin-off THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE. The episode will follow Josh (Sonny Flood) and Sasha (Nathalie Emmanuel) as they head to Manchester to mark the end of their exams.

"HOLLYOAKS has got a great history of tackling contemporary issues in a responsible way, and it's important for young people to be aware of the dangers of binge drinking," said Emmanuel.

TV Guide Channel downgrades shows
The TV Guide Channel is signaling change in direction under its new ownership with the downgrading of three existing series and the layoffs of 38 staffers. The weekly talk show TV WATERCOOLER is going off the air starting June 22. Daily entertainment newsmagazine HOLLYWOOD 411 will become a weekly show starting June 26. And the weekly TV-centric series INFANITY will continue as specials starting June 26.

Tristan Rogers to Film His Trek Down Under
Soon Tristan Rogers will be heading off to Australia for a much needed vacation. He will be bringing a flip camera to record the trip. He stated, "I intend to use it extensively. I am taking a lap-top so I can download and make video bytes about 3 minutes long. With any luck I can send these back to be archived and then put out on the PPV site. I have a clear idea about how I want this to be presented."

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  1. Ok I love Julianne Moore more know. Its awesome that she still loves her time on ATWT and sees it a great acting experince

    If Goutman could get her to bring Frannie back if like a week ratings would explode