Sunday, June 14, 2009

News Round-up: EASTENDERS, Fulton, Scalia, Towers

EASTENDERS stars in altercation with police at charity football match
EASTENDERS stars ended up on the wrong side of the law when their team shoved and pushed police officers in a charity football match. A six-a-side team from the soap took part in the charity bash at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground. But when one of the team slid in to tackle an officer and took his legs away it "all kicked off". Members of both teams got rough before Adam Woodyatt, who plays Ian Beale, managed to calm things down. Later he apologized to the police.

Chelsea Fox flees EASTENDERS
EASTENDERS beauty Chelsea Fox will flee Walford after her dad beats up her new boyfriend. The sexy beautician, played by Tiana Benjamin, will incur the wrath of father Lucas after a wrap of cocaine falls out her handbag while she is partying with her new footballer boyfriend Ellis in nightclub R+R.

Belo Declares DTV Switch A Success
Belo’s cessation of analog TV service Friday went smoothly in its 15 markets, though its stations’ call centers were busy guiding viewers through converter-box set-up and the rescanning of digital tuners.

“I’m very happy to say it was extremely successful,” says Belo VP of technology Craig Harper.

The only real issue Belo experienced was its DTV signals not being picked up by satellite providers. ABC affiliate WFAA Dallas, along with other stations in the market, had its signal dropped temporarily by satellite providers DirecTV and Dish Network due to a problem at their local collection point. Belo’s station in Louisville, Ky., KHAS, experienced a similar problem, but was back on within an hour. Harper surmises it was due to the station changing its DTV channel.

Fulton and Pinter bring down the house at the Metropolitan Room
“I knew from the time I was a little girl that I wanted to be a performer. I love the live audience and I miss that being on a soap. So it’s always wonderful when I have an opportunity to perform at the Metropolitan Room in NYC,” Eileen Fulton said of her performances last Friday and Saturday nights.

Accompanying the beautiful diva on stage was her ATWT co-star Colleen Zenk Pinter. Pinter performed a wonderful parody of “I Remember It Well” with Fulton. The two were amazing in their rendition of the standard classic.

Update on the Jack Scalia/Edra Blixseth situation
Ms. Blixseth says she believes that even today he is trying to undermine her attempts to move on in her life. As she frets about her ex-husband, standing by is her boyfriend, Jack Scalia. Mr. Scalia and Ms. Blixseth both dismiss rumors circulating around Yellowstone that the Blixseths jointly hired Mr. Scalia to masquerade as her beau.

“Bury him,” Mr. Scalia growls.

“I don’t want to bury him,” she replies softly. “He can bury himself, Jackie.”

“That’s your biggest mistake,” Mr. Scalia says. "What I’m finding in this, after three years, is that’s not working."

Two Guys With Glasses Triumph
Glamorous Beverly Hills resident Constance Towers (Helena, GH) was the extra added attraction at “Two Guys with Glasses Singing 2,” the recent sequel to last year’s triumphant double bill starring James Eubanks and David Johnson at The Paul G. Gleason Theatre in Hollywood.

In an exclusive interview with the L.A. Canyon News, Connie shared some of her “notes”. “David was truly wonderful,” she said. “He has grown so much in every way. He’s relaxed, his voice is magnificent, his humor is delightful and the audience loves him. He looked so nice in a white jacket and slacks. I can’t get over how much he has learned about performing and the reading of a lyric.” Adding a personal aside to this reporter: “You’ll be so proud when you see him.”

Also in attendance were Michael Logan, soap columnist for TV Guide, and his wife, Pat Butler Logan, an executive with Sojourn. Commented Michael Logan, “David is becoming such a showman! As his repertoire and his hilarious patter grow by leaps and bounds, he's amassing a wildly eclectic audience-hipsters, bikers, trannies, socialites, soap stars, little old ladies from Pasadena...somehow, magically, he's appealing to everybody. This gentleman is living his dream and we're lucky to be living the dream with him!"

Amazon Readies Return to TV
Amazon is readying a return to TV advertising after it stopped running commercials in 2002. The Internet retail giant isn't ready to hire an agency yet. Instead, it has kicked off a user-generated commercial contest to find submissions that tell its story. Amazon plans to work with winners to craft their entries into TV spots.

Maureen Bauer: An Expendible Heart
Lana M. Nieves writes: "Many fans of GUIDING LIGHT point to the death of Maureen Bauer in 1993 as the moment their favorite soap jumped the shark. I respectfully disagree. I was a fan of Ellen Parker's portrayal of Maureen Reardon Bauer. I agree with the general consensus that Maureen provided a kind of warmth and heart to GL, that she filled a void left when Bert Bauer died in 1986. Maureen's death touched every character in Springfield, and was the catalyst for at least half a dozen dynamic story lines that made for some of the best drama in GUIDING LIGHT's run."

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