Monday, June 29, 2009

News Round-up: DALAN, Bell, Saints, Carlotta

Soap brings message of change to rural Nepal
Every Sunday night for a year, entire villages across the country have gathered around a single television for the latest instalment of DALAN, or ‘Exploitation,’ a historical saga set in Nepal’s rural west. In a nation more attuned to the noisy glamour of Bollywood movies from neighbouring India, the popularity of the slow-paced serial about a family of Dalits — the lowest social caste — has taken everyone by surprise, not least its makers.

DALAN is a very simple show and we really didn’t expect it to be the huge success it has become,’ said producer Purna Singh Baraily of the soap, which has fans as far away as Dubai, Hong Kong and the United States, where it is shown via satellite.

Deep Soap: Guide To Recognizing Your Daytime Saints
Sara Bibel writes: "I am not sure why soaps feel the need to canonize deeply flawed characters. It would be so much more interesting to remember them as they actually were."

Why Soap Operas Should Be Taken Seriously By Gays and Straights
Lisa Szefel of HNN writes: "Recent work by cognitive scientists, psychologists, philosophers, and literary scholars likewise contends that moral judgments have as much to do with aesthetic sensibility as logical reasoning. Resetting the default images conjured with the words 'gay' and 'homosexual' from scenes of swinging bars, angry marches, and ugliness, to kitchens, parenting, and beauty, can promote empathy, a first step to understanding and acceptance."

OLTL: Patricia Mauceri FIRED; Saundra Santiago Cast as Gay Friendly Carlotta
Jamey Giddens of DC reports Patricia Mauceri has been reportedly fired from the recurring role of Carlotta Vega on ONE LFIE TO LIVE and replaced by former GUIDING LIGHT actress Saundra Santiago.

Bell co-charing MOCA
Maria Arena Bell has been elected co-chair of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). Bell and her husband, William J. Bell, Jr., have been involved with MOCA for many years and have made significant financial and art contributions to the museum. Bell is chair of MOCA’s Acquisition and Collection Committee. She also served as the chair of the Opening Gala for MURAKAMI. Maria Bell became a Trustee in 2008 after her husband served from 1997–2008.

MOCA has raised nearly $57 million in the last six months, and the museum’s Board of Trustees voted June 25 to contribute $4.25 million to MOCA’s endowment assets, which will be matched by The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, for a total $8.5 million contribution. Additionally, the Board elected three new trustees and its officers for 2010.

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