Tuesday, June 2, 2009

News Round-up: Charlie Lawson, P&G, Guilty Pleasures

CORRIE: Jim McDonald to return to Weatherfield
Fallen CORONATION STREET star Charlie Lawson is heading back to Weatherfield. His jailbird character Jim McDonald turns up next month for a family wedding - nine years after Charlie lost the part he loved as he battled a tidal wave of personal problems. And sources on the soap hinted the one-off return could turn into regular appearances. Also back is Jim's screen son Andy McDonald, played by Nick Cochrane.

For Charlie, 49, it is a dream comeback, and friends say he hopes it could become permanent. The actor has battled a number of problems over the years, broken marriages, bankruptcy, and drink and drug issues.

Taking a guilty pleasure cruise through summer TV
Chuck Barney of the Contra Costa Times lists 10 of the guiltier pleasures of the summer.

At #7, Daytime soaps: Glamour. Betrayal. Passion. Paternity suits. It might be a dying genre — say goodbye to GUIDING LIGHT in September — but there's still plenty of afternoon delight. And plenty of intrigue: Who killed Stuart Chandler on ALL MY CHILDREN? Will Sonny and Olivia hook up on GENERAL HOSPITAL? Who's the father of Sharon's baby on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS? And if the plots don't grab you, the great clothes and hot bods will.

P&G showed growth during Great Depression
New Zealand Trade and Enterprise has singled out 13 global companies from the Fortune 500 list which increased growth and profitability during economic downturns, or in the recovery phase because of the choices they made in the toughest times.

During the Great Depression, Proctor and Gamble increased its ad spend while competitors cut budgets. P&G created the daily "soap opera" - a sponsored radio serial - to target housewives. The campaign was so successful P&G doubled its ad budget every two years during the depression.

"When times are tough; we build share," was P&G's motto. Evidence suggests companies that slash marketing spending by half take three to four years to get back to pre-recession sales levels.

INTERVIEW: Y&R's Bryton (Devon)
" I've always given so much thanks to the writers of the show because, like you said, from day one I've been dealing with issues and storylines that aren't typical of soap operas. When I came on here I thought I was going to be with a different girl every week and that kind of thing. But I've been so fortunate and so grateful that I've been trusted with these stories that they think I can pull off and portray, like with the going deaf, and being a foster child dealing with trust issues. Sometimes there are years or months when it's slow but it's such a process I'm sure the writers go through. There are so many characters to keep up with, so many characters to keep happy on the show and try to keep the stories going. I'm really thankful that when they do give me stories that they're good ones. They're quality. It feels like a privilege when they give them to me because it shows they trust me."

PHOTOS: James Reynolds' 20th Annual DAYS OF OUR LIVES Celebrity Basketball Game
Photos from the event held on Friday.

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  1. Sadly, P&G isn't what it used to be. It's now part of a European conglomerate that owns Wall Street.