Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More on Matt Walton's Role on OLTL

We Love Soaps reported exclusively on Tuesday that Matt Walton was joining the cast of ONE LIFE TO LIVE as Elijah. has now revealed more about his role and upcoming storyline.

August is going to be a hot, sticky mess in Llanview -- and we're not talking humidity, folks. What we ARE talking is our best legalese, because Tea Delgado will meet her match in the form of Elijah Clarke, a gentleman lawyer who has Tea's number in more ways than one. Not only will he be going up against Tea in the courtroom for what will surely be a rancorous cage match to end all cage matches, but Elijah also has something more threatening up his sleeve ... the key to Tea's big secret!

We've been waiting for Tea to meet someone with the legal cojones to challenge her dominance of the Llanview Superior Court Circuit -- and Elijah could be the one we've been hoping for. It should come as no surprise that he'll get hired by Todd, who has just about every lawyer in a 200-mile radius on retainer. But what WILL be shocking is what other couple hires him to take on their very surprising adversary.

Elijah will be portrayed by Matt Walton, best known to soap fans for playing Annie's creepy ex-husband on ALL MY CHILDREN. He's also been seen on RESCUE ME, LAW & ORDER and GUIDING LIGHT.

Walton first airs on Thursday, August 6th.

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