Friday, June 19, 2009

Kudos to SOD in the New Cover

We post a lot here about the frequent reappearance of the same actors on the cover of Soap Opera Digest week in and week out, so I wanted to give the magazine kudos for a nice composite newsstand (and digital subscriber) cover in the June 26 issue.

As a home subscriber, I received a B&B wedding cover which was nice. Despite being the most viewed soap opera in the world (25 million viewers) and the second rated daytime drama in the United States, it is rare to see THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL featured on the cover of Digest.


  1. It's strange that they used different Nick and Bridget shots for the covers. I can understand the reverse shot for Carly (due to the position on the cover), but it was such a slight difference for N&B.

  2. The SOD (NS) cover seems so cluttered but definitely a welcoming sight compared to the others.