Tuesday, June 16, 2009

FLASHBACK: Chappell & Kurth's First DAYS Interviews

DAYS OF OUR LIVES has a knack for stunning fans and the soap industry with their casting news. We learned last week that soap superstar Crystal Chappell was returning to DAYS as Dr. Carly Manning and now Wally Kurth is reprising his role of Justin Kiriakis. As we ponder what this means for the residents of Salem, please take a look at their first ever interviews from when they joined the cast of DAYS. Tomorrow, I will be posting my thoughts about DAYS and what all these comings and goings mean for the show. Salem certainly isn't boring!

Crystal Chappell on being compared to Kristian Alfonso:

Crystal Chappell doesn't have any misguided notions about replacing Kristian Alfonso (ex-Hope Brady) in viewers' hearts. Nor does she expect to be welcomed with open arms as Peter Reckell's (Bo) new leading lady. I've watched soaps before, and I've had my [favorite] couples. Then, all of a sudden, they're broken apart and somebody else is brought [into the picture]. Well, you just don't want that to happen," says Chappell. "ONE LIFE TO LIVE was my favorite soap for a long time. And Bo and Didi were my favorite couple. When they killed her off, I was so upset I cried. So I understand how the fans feel."

As Salem newcomer Dr. Carly Manning, Chappell's faced with the formidable task of winning over the legions of devout Bo and Hope fans. It won't be easy.

"I think Kristian's a wonderful actress and a terrific person. I didn't want to see her go, either." says Chappell.

Chappell on how she was discovered:

Chappell was discovered by DAYS casting director Doris Sabbagh in March 1990, while appearing briefly on SANTA BARBARA. "I played a high-class drug dealer and old school friend of Eden's," she notes. "It was my first professional thing. I don't think I untensed my shoulders the entire week I was there. It was so nerve-racking because I was coming right out of acting class."

"Doris saw me working over there and called me in for Carly," she continues. I went through the whole [audition] process and lucked out. I got the part. I started on DAYS May 24, 1990."


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