Friday, June 12, 2009

Crystal Chappell Tweets Response to Internet Reaction

On her Twitter account, Crystal Chappell has responded to reaction of the news she is returning to DAYS OF OUR LIVES this fall.

@crystalchappel Wow! Word travels fast. I'm happy and sad. So wanted Otalia to go on. Can't say that enough. But am looking forward to new challenges

@crystalchappel Believe me, got an ache in my heart. But thanks for being sooo supportive. And, hell, I'm a twitter junkie now! adds more to the story.

Insiders add that the job-hunting Chappell had put out some feelers to YOUNG AND RESTLESS as her former boss Paul Rauch is currently the head honcho at the No. 1 soap.


  1. Outsanding news for Crystal. We all woud have loved for L to go on and for otalia to reach their full potential but we will follow her anywhere.

  2. The Crystal Chappel love is truly amazing. She made such an impact as Carly on DAYS and obviously her contribution to GL has been huge. I remember the first day Carly showed up on the beach on DAYS. Memories!

  3. I love that Crystal tried so hard to find a way for Otalia to continue, I'm shocked that Y&R didn't scoop her up but she probably will enjoy working on Days again more since she already has people there she knows and will more than likely get leading lady status.