Saturday, May 9, 2009

SOAPnet Will Air Donna Martin Marathon on Memorial Day

SOAPnet will be showing a Donna Martin-themed Memorial Day marathon featuring pivotal Donna moments from BEVERLY HILLS, 90210. The 10-hour stunt will be hosted by Tori Spelling, who will be recapping history while giving her thoughts on special episodes. It airs on May 25 from 9AM-7PM (EST/PST).

Episodes: (Note: this is not a “Top Ten countdown” – all episodes air chronologically.)

9AM -- Episode #1993-053 “Sex, Lies and Volleyball / Photo Finish” – In Paris for the summer, Donna is discovered by a French photographer and offered a two-year modeling contract.

10AM -- Episode #1993-076 “A Night to Remember” – When Donna drinks too much champagne before the prom, she risks being expelled from school.

11AM -- Episode #1993-077 “Something in the Air” – As Donna faces the school board, her friends organize a protest march in support of her being able to graduate with them.

12PM – Episode #1995-111 “Under the Influence” – The gang is shocked when Donna announces she’s leaving school to become a debutante in Texas.

1PM -- Episode #1995-140A “PS I Love You, Part 1” – When the gang heads to Palm Springs for a sorority/fraternity event, Donna is happy to have Ray accompany her. However, his true personality is soon revealed.

2PM -- Episode #1995-140B “PS I Love You, Part 2” – In Palm Springs to give her sorority speech, Donna is shocked when Ray gets rough with her and causes her to fall down the steps.

3PM – Episode #1998-223 “Law and Disorder” – As Donna’s addiction to pain killers grows, she steals both drugs and a co-worker’s designs.

4PM -- Episode #2000-282 “Love Is Blind” – David supports a distressed Donna who’s upset that her mother is selling the family home. Meanwhile, the two are set up on a blind date and realize they belong together.

5PM -- Episode #2000-284 “The Penultimate” – When David professes his love in writing, Donna accepts his proposal.

6PM -- Episode #2000-285 “Ode to Joy” – Friends and family gather for David and Donna’s wedding (series finale).

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