Thursday, May 21, 2009

News Round-up: DirecTV, Daniel Cosgrove, Kim Delaney

DirecTV says it is hampered in its ability to obtain programming at reasonable rates
DirecTV tells the FCC that it has become a stronger competitor to cable and other multichannel video providers, but not as strong as it could be if it were not hampered in its ability to obtain programming at reasonable rates, including by network-affiliated TV stations, it argues, abuse their market power. It asked the commission to continue to exercise its authority to deter the untoward exercise of that power.

DirecTV said that, despite satellite's sub gains, cable operators continue to hold a "disproportionate share" of subs, and can offer bundled services like broadband. DirecTV is looking for ways to do the same, but does not yet have anything comparable, it argues.

DirecTV to Relaunch The 101 Network
DirecTV will relaunch The 101 Network on May 31 with a fresh look. The rebrand will include new 3-D graphics, a new logo and other broadcast elements that will reflect the network’s programming and new direction.

INTERVIEW: GL's Daniel Cosgrove (Bill)
"The producers asked me when they were doing the categories if I wanted to go into lead. I was thinking of going in supporting because of that whole seniority thing, and it’s usually based on your age, or how long you might have been with the show. I just felt that the baby Max storyline, although it was short was centered on me, and so I am a lead actor in that storyline. A lot of stuff I do currently, I am more in supporting. So it varies, and there is a rotation in daytime as to who is front burner."

CW Adds Shows to Text About
The CW is promoting itself with a new campaign that uses the theme "TV to talk about," the New York Times reports. These days, much of the talk among the CW's young target audience is electronic, so there are versions of the campaign saying "TV to text about," "… blog about," " … chat about," and ". . . tweet about," the paper says.

INTERVIEW: ARMY WIVES's Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy)
"I loved the scripts when I first got them. But you never know what an audience is going to like. We're having a great time shooting in Charleston. It's almost like we're in our own little bubble on an Army post. We are a little family that gets together and gets along. It's nice to know that people are appreciating all the work we've put into this show."

Louise Shaffer on her 1983 Daytime Emmy win
"So the year I won my Emmy for Best Supporting Actress was the one year when they didn't televise it. I mean, they didn't televise the Emmy show in the very beginning because they figured we were daytime, and well, who cared? But once they figured out that a lot of people did care, they started televising it. Except for the year I won."

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