Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Manhattanites DVD - On Sale Now!

My very first feature film, Manhattanites, is now available for purchase. Starting today you can buy the DVD here. We will be adding Amazon, Netflix and other options over the next few days and weeks.

The film stars a number of familiar soap actors and you can catch Ilene Kristen, Forbes March and more on "Stardish Radio" tonight at 10pm ET.

Here's a preview of the stories in the film:

Marilyn Marsden (Ilene Kristen, ABC's ONE LIFE TO LIVE) is an entertainment lawyer representing up and coming artist Matt Malone (Forbes March, MUTANT X). Everything in her life is just right, with a prominent career and her engagement to Family Focus Magazine Editor-in-Chief Blake Whitney (Lev Gorn, HBO's THE WIRE).

Gretchen Styles (Caroline Hay, The Trial of Jack) is a waitress at a seedy midtown diner. Her dreams of a career as a television news reporter are fading until a chance encounter with anchorman Kyle Carpenter (Aiden Turner, ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN) changes her whole world.

Hannah Richards (Newcomer Tasha Guevara) is a secretary at TM productions and spends her days planning her perfect wedding. She has a job she enjoys, is engaged to the man of her dreams and thinks the world is a beautiful place. In her rose-colored eyes, everything is falling into place just as she planned.

But are things always as they seem? In a city of 8 million people...
are we living in mere coincidence? What is coincidence?

Featuring hilarious appearances by Alex McCord (BRAVO's THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK) and Jill Larson (ABC's ALL MY CHILDREN).

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  1. Oh, Man...I LOVE Ilene Kristen! Her Delia on RH was one of the greatest, most neurotic characters, EVER. I may have to get this. Best of luck with sounds like it's a lot of fun.

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