Thursday, May 14, 2009

Daytime Emmy Reaction: Pleasant Surprises and Snubs

Here are my initial thoughts on the Daytime Emmy nominations that have been announced. My snubs are based on who was pre-nominated not who was left out all together by their own shows during the pre-nom round.


PLEASANT SURPRISES: DAYS and B&B were very uneven in 2008 but had their moments and it's nice to see new blood.

SNUBS: No Y&R? It was the most consistent show of 2009 especially the second half of the year. OLTL had great moments as well and I thought it would make it here.

Debbi Morgan (Angie, AMC) - ABC
Maura West (Carly, ATWT) - CBS
Susan Flannery (Stephanie, B&B) - CBS
Susan Haskell (Marty, OLTL) - ABC
Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, Y&R) - CBS

PLEASANT SURPRISES: None of these ladies are surprising but nice to see Morgan and Haskell recognized.

SNUBS: Both Tognoni and Zimmer had the material to be here.

Thorsten Kaye (Zach, AMC) - ABC
Peter Reckell (Bo, DAYS) - NBC
Anthony Geary (Luke, GH) - ABC
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, GL) - CBS
Christian LeBlanc (Michael, Y&R) - CBS

PLEASANT SURPRISES: Daniel Cosgrove is a welcome addition to this category. I'm not sure I would have selected but after more than a quarter century on daytime, it's nice to see Peter Reckell recognized.

SNUBS: Darnell Williams deserved a spot.

Melissa Claire Egan (Annie, AMC) - ABC
Alicia Mishew (Kendall, AMC) - ABC
Julie Pinson (Janet, ATWT) - CBS
Tamara Braun (Ava, DAYS) - NBC
Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) - ABC

PLEASANT SURPRISES: Melissa Claire Egan was wonderful as crazy Annie and deserves to be here as does Julie Pinson, a breath of fresh air on ATWT.

SNUBS: No Crystall Chappell? That may be the worst acting snub of all. I was hoping Alley Mills would make it.

Vincent Irrizary (David, AMC) - ABC
Jacob Young (JR, AMC)- ABC
Van Hansis (Luke, ATWT) - CBS
Bradford Anderson (Spinelli, GH) - ABC
Jeff Branson (Shayne, GL) - CBS

PLEASANT SURPRISES: I'm happy to see Van Hansis make the jump to supporting. I'm actually very happy for all five nominees.

SNUBS: Tuc Watkins is always marvelous and I was expecting Bruce Weitz to be nommed.

Overall, it seems like it's an ALL MY CHILDREN year based on the nominees we know so far. When one show gets noms in bunches, people generally say they had the most judges on the panel. Who knows? But it's a shame that the best daytime soap of 2008, Y&R, wasn't even nominated.

Meredith Hagner (Liberty, ATWT) - CBS
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, DAYS) - NBC
Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) - ABC
Julie Berman (Lulu, GH) - ABC
Emily O'Brien (Jana, Y&R) - CBS

PLEASANT SURPRISES: I told Hagner last night she would make it. Happy to see Melvin, Storms and Berman.

SNUBS: Alderson? VanZandt? I am happier with this category than any other so I can't complain too much.

Cornelius Smith, Jr. (Frankie, AMC) - ABC
Blake Berris (Nick, DAYS) - NBC
Darin Brooks (Max, DAYS) - NBC
EJ Bonilla (Rafe, GL) - CBS
Bryton McClure (Devon, Y&R) - CBS

PLEASANT SURPRISES: EJ Bonilla is underrated and generally takes a beating because his character hasn't been popular, but he had his moments, so I can't fault this one. Happy for DAYS' Berris and AMC's Smith.

SNUBS: Billy Magnussen burned up the screen all year long on ATWT. Nothing against Bryton, but since he has already won and is nominated every year, I would have preferred to see one of the OLTL guys in his spot.

Since there isn't another round of judging, and the winners are already determined, you would have to guess that AMC may do well in these categories, unless there was a split vote.

Only one person who is in the top ten of my regular Soap Opera Digest covers list was nominated, Tamara Braun. The rest seem more popular with Digest than their peers.

At least two nominees in the lead and supporting categories have been on more than one soap lending credence to speculation that the more people you know, the better your chances.

Choosing Vanessa Williams as host was a brilliant choice!


  1. all i have to say, roger, is DITTO! the CC snub. epic fail!

  2. YEah. CC and GT snubs? Not ok.
    My word verification is dynala. Even it knows GT deserved a nod.

  3. Awww that sucks Crystal Chappell was totally snubbed! :( She really deserved to be nominated.

  4. I cannot believe they snubbed Crystal Chappell. I am in total shock over that.. In my opinion Crystal Chappell has been doing the best work of her career. She deserves the Emmy and a whole lot more..

    (Seriously..Kendall AMC..she's not emmy worthy..she's just plan annoying)

  5. Ditto on the Crystal Chappell snub! No words.

  6. Agree on the CC snub, Roger! After years of watching this 'awards' show, I'm not all that suprised. They usually get it wrong, IMO. Looks like ole Fronzie got the ppl out for the epic FAIL that is AMC. *sigh*

  7. The is no way CC should have been left off the nominations. These nominations are a joke!

  8. I feel dubious towards an award giving body who does NOT recognize CC as worthy of even a nomination. Two thumbs down.

  9. I have to say I was stunned by the Crystal Chappell snub.

    I also felt like Gina Tognoni deserved to be nominated in the lead actress category.

    B&B for best soap instead of Y&R? AMC with a nominee in every major category, including two in both Supporting categories? Is it any wonder why no one takes them seriously anymore?

  10. I Cannot believe that Crystal Chappell was not nominated she is one of the best actors on TV.

  11. I think this year's emmys will fall off a cliff. no one will care about the winners. next year it will miraculously be resurrected and CC will be nominated in all categories. and win them.

    other than that i'm pissed.

  12. Wow.. no Crystal Chappell.. I'm going to be honest and say that this decision makes little sense... it does feel like a snub (based on GL's cancellation? Not sure...) but the optimist in me remembers the Lord of the Rings got no Oscar wins until after Return of the King came out...

    Perhaps they are planning on simply handing her the statue next year, so they're gonna give the other girls a shot this year!

    hmmm... sad for Crystal.. she deserved better than this oddness!

  13. Rog:

    Always appreciate what you have to say. Very Happy to See Van Nominated. He well deserves it!!!

    Thanks for always being on the ball Roger. :)

  14. Couldn't agree more, Roger.

    Well, I could - Crystal Chappell. I'm still dumbfounded.

    I wish I understood how the categories were chosen because I don't know why Alicia Minshew wouldn't be in lead actress. (Could slip Crystal right in there. ;-))

  15. Come ON. Honestly was no one paying attention for the past year prior to the 1st of Jan?

    Zimmer... Tognoni.. Rylan...

    but worst.. WORST SNUB... Crystal Chappell. What so suddenly the only thing that works for daytime anymore is if you're crazy or you have multiple personalities or you pretty to look at while unconscious...

    What so your daughter's child.. your grandchild dying right after they're born.. that's not good enough... having a heart condition.. a transplant through tragedy.. losing a loved one and gaining your life over there's.. not good enough...

    Seriously... as great as Roger put it there are no more words beyond:
    "No Crystal Chappell? That may be the worst snub of all."

  16. Totally agree Roger.. Crystal Chappell, one of the best actors out there, is more than deserving of an Emmy nomination.

  17. Indeed Roger, where IS Crystal Chappell? What a farce. Her work has been outstanding.

    I still can't believe this.




  19. Thanks Roger for being so timely and finding a few bright spots in the nominations. For me the Daytime Emmys further undermined their credibility with the omissions.

    Its been a glaring omission to date that Crystal Chappell hasn't been nominated more frequently in her career, but her 2008 work absolutely should have honored. With the crazy AMC stranglehold (I tried to watch, I really did) they just lost a ton of viewers for the CW one-off. Feel bad for the soap world today.

  20. No Crystal Chappell or Jessica Leccia? How can that be?

  21. Crystal Chappell is the best actress I have ever seen and I think that it is ridiculous to even pretend that these award shows are there to honor the best in the field because it's a joke. Crystal will always be number one whether or not the Daytime Emmy's feel the need to acknowledge it.

  22. Goes to show the decision making is in the wrong hands.

    Let the fans do know who the fans are, right? Those that actually WATCH the soaps?!

    Crystal Chappell would have won...hands her catagory.


  23. No Emmy nom for Crystal Chappell?? What the hell? Seriously. What?!

    I have lost all respect for the Daytime Emmy Awards now. Crystal did an amazing job last year and was far better than some of the nominated actresses.

    I feel like GL was generally snubbed. The writing and acting (especially by Crystal Chappell) has been amazing and it feels like they were being snubbed because of the production model change or something...

    This just doesn't feel right. Not one bit.

  24. No Crystal Chappell? What the hell were they thinking!

  25. SNUBS: No Crystall Chappell?

    Couldn't agree with you more Roger!! Crystal was absolutely brilliant last year!! I am stunned by this one! At least Gina won last year...

    Next year Crystal!!!

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Wow I should say I'm shocked and dismayed but quite frankly this last year has shown me that GL is being blackballed. It's so very unfortunate as many actors, writers, etc deserved recognition.

    CC you are our choice no matter what!

  28. No Crystal Chappell is a travesty!! Total snub...unforgivable!

  29. Crystal Chappell was sooo snubbed. She not only deserved to be nominated but the Emmy should be hers
    Really dissapointed :(

  30. As an international viewer of US soaps i find it appauling that there is no nomination for Crystal Chappell. I have watched many of the other US soaps and quite frankly they are so cheesy and at times poorly acted, that i have to turn off before they make me cringe so much i die.
    The performances over the past year by CC have been outstanding and for that and the writing at GL to not be recognised just adds more weight to the opinion that awards such as these are rigged. They should hold little credibility due to the political motivations behind most of what goes on at such events.
    What matters is the general public, and i think its pretty clear what the fans think so as far as i am concerned the Emmy's are meaningless right now.

  31. Crystal Chappell is putting in Oscar-caliber performances with the Otalia story line. I am absolutely astonished that she was not recognized with a nomination. With the historic nature of her performance the Emmys should be renamed the Chappells! What a disappointment.

  32. No Crystal Chappell? This is ridiculous. She needs a permanent, reserved spot on the list. Anyone who watches even one minute of Chappell's work would know that.

  33. No nomination for Crystal Chappell. Are these people blind. This is soooo wrong

  34. I am totally disappointed in the snub of Crystal Chappell, she has been amazing as JL has been. I demand a recount!!!! What a sad state of affairs I must say.

  35. Crystal Chappell being left out of the nominations only illustrates the irrelevancy of the Daytime Emmys. Her being left off of the list only diminishes the accomplishments of all the others. Sorry, but what else can you say? Sure there are some other good actors out there, but NOBODY has even come close to delivering the caliber of performances that CC has delivered. Apparently awarding TRUE excellence is of no real concern here. Too bad.

  36. Roger, I agree with you wholeheatedly! Crystal Chappell being snubbed after such great performances in the 2008 was criminal! The woman delivered some incredibly powerful story to us last year! I just can't wrap my head around the whole idea that this brilliantly talented woman did not ger recognized!

  37. I agree Crystal should not have been nominated for best supporting actress. She should have originally been pre-nominated in the lead actress category. A shame when talent isn't recognized.

  38. while i like Daniel Cosgrove & Jeff Branson, I find it unbalanced that they got nods and the women of GL did not. GL really does have some of the best actresses in the business. Crystal Chappell - hello - is anyone paying attention?

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. The Emmys needs to get its act together and start winning back some credibility. "These nominations are a joke!" except for Tamara Braun's. With no Nomination for Crystal Chappell (I didn't even think that was in the realm of possibility...this award IS for acting greatness, right?) I'm shaking my pompoms for Tamara.

    Crystal you're the Goddess for a reason don't ever forget it. You Chappell people with a stare for crying out loud.

  41. I can't even put into words how unbelievable that Crystal Chappell doens't receive a nom!

    The world must be coming to an end..Or, oh, I don't know...

    Yours is the greatest work on daytime, Crystal!!

  42. This snub of Crystal Chappell is unbelievable! I can think of atleast 3 or 4 scenes from 2008 which she was amazing. I guess its a type of thing that CC has been so good for so long that maybe that wanted some fresh faces as nominees?? I can't figure it out either way

  43. Ok... I am floored! While I know the Lead Actress and even Supporting Actress categories are incredibly competitive as we have a HUGE wealth of talent over all the shows, how the heck does GL not have anyone in either??? I agree Roger, Kim, Gina and Crystal had incredible performances should have been acknowledged. Additionally, no writing or other nods??? Only 4 GL nods??? I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I certainly wonder what the heck is going on! I must just leave this for a while... very unhappy.

  44. Roger I totally agree with you for the most part to say B&B was uneven is actually a compliment. I would've NEVER picked them for the best drama category from the show I've seen the last 18 months. I'm very happy to see Debbi Morgan on the list she's outstanding but Crystal Chappell not being nominated is truly criminal. I am beside myself with disappointment and disbelief. The biggest and most tragic snub of all.

  45. I am beyond baffled about the snub of Crystal Chappell. She may not have had the material to get a lead actress nom for last year, but she should have not only been nominated, but won for best supporting actress. I will not disparage any of the nominated actresses, but suffice it to say that Crystal Chappell is the best on daytime TV!

  46. I read Crystal's snub and started crying. This is the second biggest crime in soapland this year. (We all know what the first one is.) It is wrong to the nth power.

  47. Almost as shocked as when they announced cancellation. CC was so robbed.

  48. I agree with you Roger. Not being nominated was an epic snub to Crystal Chappell! Crystal has been gracing our tv screens with her phenomenal talent for many years and 2008 was no exception! Olivia's heart transplant was the beginning of what is now the Otalia phenom! Next year...graveside confession...Emmy goes to Crystal Chappell! Crystal will always be #1 to us!

  49. Honestly I believe the CC snub is because she's getting so much press right now with the Otalia storyline. Bloggers have said it themselves the industry is taking notice and I believe some people in that industry are a little jealous and are using their "power" to put her in her place to to speak.

  50. What terrible omissions and what undeserved inclusions! People say the Daytime Emmy process is broken so if this doesn't prove it I don't know what would.

    I happened to watch much of Crystal Chappel's 2008 work recently & was stunned at how great this woman is. Can I report this to the police cause this was a robbery.

  51. Very shocked! Crystal and Gina are both amazing actresses and they blow others out of the water. They were so snubbed.

  52. First, the Emmy's are WAY too AMC heavy for my taste...

    Second, B&B as Outstanding Drama, and no nom for Y&R or GL...

    Third, Crystal Chappell totally snubbed when she is hands down the best talent in daytime, and although I get I may be slightly bias, I honestly think her performances through the transplant, finding a new kind of life after transplant should speak for themselves...

    These things prove to me that the Emmy's are just broken. And I stand behind the fact that Crystal is better than the Emmy's.

  53. I can't take the emmy awards seriously this year. Not recognizing the acting genius of Crystal Chappell negates any credibility they may have had.
    I am stunned at the blatant snub!!