Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AfterElton.com Interviews Thom Bierdz

The revelation that Thom Bierdz was returning to THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS shocked many. He spoke with AfterElton.com about the show that made him famous, his life as an artist, the family tragedy he wrote a book about, and being the first out actor on daytime soaps.

Bierdz has grown closer to his brother over the years, even after the murder of his mother by his brother.

AE: You've talked about your family tragedy, and you wrote a book about it. What made you decide to do that?
TB: I had to write the book, man. I was sitting on a park bench in Reno in 1994, and I just knew that people would not be able to believe the events of my life. It was just so much bigger than normal, my brother killing my mom in 1989. She was a wonderful mother. Then him going on the road and wanting to kill me.

Years later, receiving a letter asking me to go to my brother in prison to see if he needed help, then actually arriving at the prison and realizing he was unbelievably sick and nonexistent, and really did need my help to acquire medicine for him to come back. And then to see the journey of he and I discussing schizophrenia, discussing paranoia, having so much in common. Fifteen years later, I don't know if there's anyone I can relate to or love more than my incarcerated brother.

He calls me twice a week, and I see him once or twice a year. He has grown unbelievably. Seventy percent of boys who kill their mother never get to a point of remorse. When I was visiting, I never pushed him for that or expected that, but as it turns out, he did get to a point of remorse, and he got his feelings back, which is astounding. I think some kids just cut it off. When you kill somebody you love like that, you just can't deal with it.

Bierdz is thrilled to be back on Y&R.

AE: A lot of the people you worked with are still on the show, so what's it like being reunited with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor), Jess Walton (Jill Abbott), Tricia Cast (Nina Webster) and some of your former costars?
TB: It's been surreal. For anybody to go back to a job you had twenty years ago and be able to invent new relationships with people as a grownup, it's just such a wonderful gift, such a wonderful opportunity. I appreciate them so much more because I've watched them as people over the years. They're not just costars. They all have wonderful facets, stories of devotion, such beautiful, caring people. Seriously. It's such an honor to be with these people again, and of course, get paid for it.

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  1. It will be nice to see Bierdz back on Y&R. I do hope that Cane is still Jill's son.

    Phillip faking his own death makes little sense. He was a kid and there was a body. How Phillip could orchestrate a grand plot to make everyone believe he died seems far fetched.

    Finally, I read that Bierdz had plastic surgery to enhance his jawline amongst other cosmetic enhancements. I didn't notice it in other pictures. In this photo, Bierdz's jaw looks strangely heavy.