Sunday, April 5, 2009

Zimmer: "I Want To Go Off With Robert" / "Unforgettable"

Before performing a duet with co-star Robert Newman on Saturday at SoapStock Weekend (they sang "Unforgettable"), GUIDING LIGHT star Kim Zimmer said: "Bradley Cole, I love him to death, and Reva and Jeffrey are another story for another time. But if this show is indeed going off the air, I want to go off with Robert."

I have received a few emails asking how the GL actors were this weekend, and they seemed fine to me. Kim Zimmer is always fun and seemed in high spirits to me.

When I first saw Kim I walked over and said, "Big news this week." She nodded. Then I started talking about the big local football news from the week - her Jets didn't trade for Jay Cutler and the Giants cut Plaxico Burress. We chatted about that for a bit then I said, "Oh, was there any other news this week?" She told me one of things she would miss most about the show would be talking with some of the guys at the studio on Monday mornings about football in the fall.

I apologize for the reduced quality of the video. My video camera died so this video was taken on my regular camera. It didn't have space for the entire song so there are a couple of clips.

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