Thursday, April 2, 2009

Soap Blog Coalition

Here is this week's top stories from the Soap Blog Coalition.

GENERAL HOSPITAL Scoops, April 1st Edition: Who is Jerry Jacks, really? And who's redecorationg those docks? (

Former DAYS OF OUR LIVES actress, Patrika Darbo, reflects on her background and successful television and film career in a new in-depth interview. (We Love Soaps)

The Serial Drama girls are pretty sure that GENERAL HOSPTIAL is one of the worst things ever, to the point that it might even -- given the opportunity -- kick puppies. (Serial Drama)

Have the GENERAL HOSPITAL writers got you down? Check out the culmination of a year long Scrubs fanfic series ' Letters To Muffin' for a little pick-me-up. (The Scrubs Hub)

Here are a few spoilers and rumors gathered for you all, despite April Fools Day! (GHOFS)

Will GENERAL HOSPITAL be near the end of the pack ratings-wise again this week? (Daytime Confidential)

Super Valley: Romance, action, drama, tragedy, love triangles through to octarangles, sordid and forbidden love affairs. The 'Valley has it all! Amnesia, interrupted weddings, trials and tribulations. Super Valley is your typical soap opera - with your twisted humor added and you are the star! Join us weekly! (AMC Superposter)

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