Friday, April 24, 2009

News Round-up: TV a Necessity, Liza Colby, Citi Field

Study: 52% of Americans view having a TV as a necessity
A Pew Research Center study of social trends found that 52% of people surveyed viewed a television as a necessity, compared to 64% in 2006. The study also found that the older you are, the more likely you are to find that television is a necessity.

Deep Soap: How Not To Introduce A Recast
Sara Bibel lists Chuck Pratt's five big mistakes in casting Jamie Luner as ALL MY CHILDREN's Liza Colby.

Primetime Pilot Panic: The Hot List
Nikki Finke has early info on the broadcast networks potential pilots. MELROSE PLACE is considered "a lock" while the GOSSIP GIRL spin-off "looks great."

GOSSIP GIRL star Leighton Meester signs record deal
Meester has signed a deal with Universal Republic through Time-Act Music to release her debut album in the fall. The 23-year-old actress began recording material-- described as having an "electro-pop edge"--for the project in March and has clocked studio time with producers Polow Da Don (Usher, Fergie), Harvey Mason, Jr. (Justin Timberlake, Pink) and Spencer Nezey (Jupiter Rising).

UGLY BETTY is filming the season finale today at Citi Field
Apparently Betty Su├írez is a New York Mets fan. The cast of ABC’s UGLY BETTY will be at Citi Field today to tape scenes for the show’s season finale, according to a Major League Baseball spokesperson. The plotline will see Betty and her boyfriend Matt on a double date with her former boyfriend and coworker Henry and his girlfriend.

Owen Van Natta named MySpace CEO
News Corp. has picked former Facebook top executive Owen Van Natta as the new CEO of its MySpace social networking site. Van Natta, 39, will be based in Los Angeles and report to Jonathan Miller, News Corp.'s recently appointed CEO of digital media and chief digital officer.

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