Wednesday, April 8, 2009

News Round-up: Susan Haskell, Prom Dresses, Santer

INTERVIEW: ONE LIFE TO LIVE's Susan Haskell (Marty)
Haskell tells TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco, "To be honest, I was a little worried about fans supporting a Todd and Marty 'romance.' In the beginning, I spent a lot of time conveying my reservations and concerns to our executive producer Frank Valentini and head writer Ron Carlivati. I said, “please, don’t destroy this character.” I understood they wanted to do something different and interesting with Marty, but I was worried. However, both Ron and Frank were very good at listening to me whenever there was any dialogue that needed to be changed or history that needed to be addressed."

Want to wear a prom dress from OLTL's prom?
"The Pussycat Dolls are going to make the Llanview High School prom a night to remember and now is your chance to rock your own prom in one of the dresses from the May 13th episode of ABC's ONE LIFE TO LIVE." Tell, in up to 300 words, why you are having trouble affording a prom dress this year.

PHOTOS: "Rock of Ages" Broadway Opening
Former B&B actor Constantine Maroulis stars in "Rock of Ages" which opened on Broadway on Monday night. Ilene Kristen and Darnell Williams, star and co-director of Manhattanites, were both in attendance.

Santer: 'Fan reaction has been incredible'
EASTENDERS executive producer Diederick Santer has described the audience reaction to Danielle's death as "incredible". Since Thursday night's episode, hundreds of fans - who were hoping for a happy ending to the seven-month Ronnie (Samantha Janus) and Danielle (Lauren Crace) storyline arc - threatened to boycott the programme.

Speaking to the BBC soap's official website, Santer said of the viewer reaction: "It's been incredible. It's fantastic to have made such an impact. I knew from the shiver I felt every time we talked about the story, my tension when I read the script, and my own feelings of devastation for Danielle and Ronnie when I watched the director's cut, that we were telling an incredibly emotional story and that the audience would have strong feelings about it."

Shanae Grimes staying on 90210
TV Guide's Mickey O'Connor reports: "Shenae Grimes will be sticking around. (Dustin Milligan, who plays Ethan, on the other hand, will not be.) If it helps, I'm hearing that Naomi's special brand of emotional terrorism will again set its laser sights on Annie toward the end of the season. So, there's that for you to anticipate. In the meantime, keep the banana out of it."

PHOTO PREVIEW: Frank and Natalia's Wedding
Natalia walks down the aisle to marry Frank next week on GUIDING LIGHT. But will she say 'I do'?

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