Saturday, April 25, 2009

News Round-up: Rating Ads, Frank Runyeon, Emma Rigby

Warning: TV Content Controls on the Table
If some kids' activists get their way, the government will require broadcast and cable networks and stations to rate advertisements—and parents will be able to block shows with product placement or integration. That would mean content warnings on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, where an Applebee's restaurant is almost a continuing character; or the Coke-filled AMERICAN IDOL; or the plug-heavy EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION.

Anything that would make it easier to skip ads or winnow out product placements would be bad news for broadcast and cable programmers. They look to branded entertainment as a way to chase the ever-more-elusive ad dollar through the cratered economic landscape.

The FCC is required to report to Congress by Aug. 29 on the current state of content-control technologies for broadcasting, cable and the Internet. In seeking comment, the FCC raised a number of issues, including whether ads should be rated.

SAG hires PR firm to soothe voters
In a sign of the contentiousness within SAG, the guild's move to hire a PR firm has become part of the battle between SAG leaders and the members who are vehemently opposed to the feature-primetime contract that faces a ratification vote next month.

Frank Runyeon discussed "Hollywood vs. Faith" at LaSalette Shrine
Runyeon described a "culture of porn that has invaded our world," noting that false teachers, or idols, had allowed themselves to become the center of our lives. Those include materialism, the heavy emphasis on physical beauty, and the need to win at everything.

"We're always looking for joy in the wrong place," Runyeon said, noting that true joy was to be found in relationships with family and friends.

The presentation took on a personal tone when Runyeon recalled a phone call from a doctor informing him he had a year to live at that time.

The fateful call led to a spiritual reawakening, allowing Runyeon to communicate with God.

"It was the night I felt the deepest joy I ever felt in my life because I wasn't afraid," Runyeon said.

Sandra Vidal house for sale
Sandra Vidal, the actress who played Sofia Alonso on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, has listed her four-bedroom, 3-1/2-bathroom Hollywood Hills home for $2.85 million. The custom-built architectural home is on a cul-de-sac and has views of the city with 360-degree vistas from the rooftop terrace.

HOLLYOAKS' Emma Rigby splits from Matthew Mills
Emma Rigby has ended her relationship with Doncaster Rovers star Matthew Mills. The actress, who plays Hannah Ashworth in HOLLYOAKS, had been dating the soccer star, 22, for nine months.

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